Cotton Bowl Countdown: A quick look at ‘The greatest stadium in the world’

It didn’t take long for Cotton Bowl chairman Tommy Bain to brag about the place the Cotton Bowl calls home. During a teleconference with media earlier this week, he proclaimed new Cowboys Stadium to be, “The greatest stadium in the world.”

In most cases, one would pass off such a statement as obvious hyperbole. I mean, look at the guy who is saying it. It is Bain’s job to make the Cotton Bowl’s venue seem as attractive and appealing as possible.

But he just might be telling the truth here. The $1.12 billion dollar, state-of-the-art stadium Jerry Jones built in 2009 is arguably the best there is. It is 3 million square feet, features a massive video board that stretches from 20-yard line to 20-yard line and is so big that from a distance it looks like the top half of the Death Star.

(Quick aside: A friend of mine who lived in Dallas for several years tells me the Death Star is an acceptable nickname for Cowboys Stadium with the locals, but Jerry World and the house that Jerry built are not)

When asked how this venue compares to the actual Cotton Bowl stadium, which is where K-State played in its last two Cotton Bowls, Bain replied: “It’s upgraded in every way you can imagine.”

K-State athletic director John Currie is looking forward to watching the Wildcats and their fans travel to Arlington and that environment. He told many during Saturday’s water-logged win over Iowa State that they would be met with better gameday conditions at K-State’s bowl game.

“One thing I did promise a few of our students during the game was that we are going to be dry in our bowl game – in a dome,” Currie said. “Certainly we will be in one of the finest facilities in athletics world-wide.”

Cowboys Stadium is not only gigantic, it is is immaculate. Everything in it seems brand new, its staff is used to hosting big events with the Dallas Cowboys playing there on Sundays and people show up in the middle of the week to pay $15 for tours.

As soon as K-State fans reach the parking lot, Bain is confident they will enjoy the Cotton Bowl and its new stadium.

“It’s a totally different experience,” Bain said. “Now it’s night. It’s prime time. It’s in a stadium that is really an electric stadium from an events standpoint. From all the club and premium seating to the arrival to the stadium … that stadium at night is just magnificent. The fans will enjoy just arriving to that stadium at night.

Editor’s Note: In 30 days, the Kansas State football team will face Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. With that in mind, I began counting down to the big game in Cowboys Stadium on Dec. 6 with 31 blog posts in 31 days. I use the word “attempting” because I can only currently think of about 20 blog ideas. I’m confident that I can go 31 for 31, but your help is appreciated. Feel free to send a blog idea (or two) my way at