A little more on K-State’s bowl possibilities

With two games remaining in the regular season, the Kansas State football team appears destined for a quality bowl game. As pointed out in today’s print story, the Big 12′s top three bowls are all interested in the Wildcats.

Here is a deeper look at the bowl scenarios currently facing K-State:

Fiesta Bowl
Current Odds: Long shot.
The Wildcats will need Oklahoma State to finish the regular season undefeated and play in the BCS title game in order to get an invitation to the Fiesta Bowl. Only two Big 12 teams can play in BCS bowls, and as long as Oklahoma ranks ahead of K-State in the BCS standings with just one loss it will have the inside track here. But if both Oklahoma and K-State finish 10-2, the Wildcats could slip past the Sooners despite a head-to-head loss.

Cotton Bowl
Current Odds: Best bet.
If Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both play in BCS bowls, this becomes the most likely landing spot for K-State as long as it splits its final two games. Beating Texas this week will be important for the Wildcats’ Cotton Bowl hopes, but they can still head to Arlington with nine wins. Texas and Baylor need to win out to get to 9-3. A victory in Austin, though, would give K-State a significant bowl advantage. Oklahoma could become the biggest competition for the Cotton Bowl if it is left out of the BCS.

(Note: Not sure if this helps K-State’s cause or not, but Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker and Wildcats athletic director John Currie are longtime friends. Currie considers him a mentor).

Alamo Bowl
Current Odds: Possible.
The Alamo Bowl would love to have K-State back for the first time since 1998, but in order for that to be an option the Wildcats will have to fall here. If Oklahoma misses out on the BCS and goes to the Cotton Bowl, this would be the next best place for K-State. If Oklahoma goes to the Fiesta Bowl, Texas could pass K-State and head to the Cotton Bowl by winning out.

Insight Bowl
Current Odds: Low.
Unless K-State drops its final two games of the season, or the Big 12 earns only one BCS invitation and Texas or Baylor runs the table, the Wildcats will land in one of the three bowls mentioned above. Even at 8-4, the Wildcats would still have a decent chance at the Alamo Bowl.

Holiday Bowl
Current Odds: Extreme long shot.
Only a possibility if K-State goes 8-4 and both Baylor and Iowa State win their remaining games.

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas
Current Odds: Zero.
I can’t think of a scenario where K-State plays in Houston.

Pinstripe Bowl
Current Odds: Less than zero.
Not happening.