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Time to answer your K-State questions

OK, so we had a normal live chat scheduled to discuss tomorrow’s Sunflower Showdown football game. But Missouri had to go and ruin everything by saying it’s still trying to make up its mind about conference alignment. So J. Brady McCollough and I got kicked to the curb while other people started live chatting about the Tigers.

It happens, I guess. But I still got a few questions on the original chat and on twitter about tomorrow’s game. Here are the best of them, and some answers.

From @JKealing: You know, it’s possible to have multiple live chats.

You would probably know better than me! Our normal Web expert is out today. So I think that led to the confusion.

From @cliffbasore: Was it a mistake by Gill to make his last laugh comment in August? It’s all over the KSU locker room this week.

I’m not totally sure how I feel about this one. Turner Gill, I believe, made the remark that when KU plays K-State this season the Jayhawks will have “the last laugh.” The comment came well before the season began in front of KU boosters at a KU football function. Hard to fault him for trying to pump up his fans. But I’m guessing there is no way he would make that statement today.

I asked a few K-State players about that comment this week, and most weren’t bothered by it. Travis Tannahill told me, “I’m going to let him say what he wants to say.” It seemed like most of the Wildcats were more fired up by articles that picked KU to upset K-State this week or predicted them to quickly fall out of the rankings.

So, to answer your question. I think Gill would take the comment back today. But I don’t see it motivating K-State all that much. The Wildcats already have plenty to play for.
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