Daily Archives: Oct. 20, 2011

Frank Martin talks at Big 12 Media Day

Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin just got done speaking at the podium here at the Sprint Center during Big 12 Media Day. Here are some of the highlights:

He thinks the Big 12 is in for a terrific year on the basketball court.

“I think this is undoubtedly, by far the best conference in the country,” Martin said. “… We will be the only BCS-level conference that will play everybody twice. Whoever ends up on top will be the only true conference champion in the country.”

He sees 13-5 as a record that could legitimately win the league.

Throughout the summer, Martin said this team would belong to Rodney McGruder and Will Spradling. But he thinks senior Jamar Samuels has a chance to lead, too.

“He’s more prepared to accept that responsibility today than he was back in April,” Martin said.

He said Samuels, who has added a great deal of muscle in the offseason, has had a terrific start to practices.

“He’s had his best offseason, and he’s probably put together the best stretch he’s had in his time here,” Martin said.

Will it be hard to replace Jacob Pullen? Of course, but “he helped prepare those guys after him for when it was their turn.”

On junior college transfer Jeremy Jones: “He has a lot of juco in him, meaning that passing and defense are few and far between.” But that will come with time. For now, Martin sees him as one of the fastest players on the team. Speed is something the Wildcats lacked last year.

Martin said Jordan Henriquez is up above the 240-pound mark. Ideally, he will reach 250 pounds. But for now, he is doing solid work in the weight room.