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Sunday Rewind: K-State 36, Baylor 35

Overall Assessment: For the second week in a row, Kansas State’s defense came up big with the game on the line.

First came the goal-line stand at Miami, where the Wildcats had to stand up to talented quarterback Jacory Harris and prevent him from gaining two yards on four straight plays. On Saturday, K-State made the hottest player in the country look human. Robert Griffin III had two chances to win the game, and the Baylor quarterback was turned away both times.

Up 35-33 with the chance to give his team a two-score lead, he turned the ball over after two plays. Arthur Brown grabbed a key interception. Then, down 36-35 with more than enough time to move Baylor into field goal range, he was unable to pick up a first down.

Arthur Brown ran Griffin down in the backfield for a loss and made another big tackle two plays later. Then Jordan Voelker knocked down a Griffin pass on fourth down to clinch the game.

Afterward, players called it a team victory. But the defense saved the day once again. That proved something.

“It wasn’t a fluke the first time,” fullback Braden Wilson said. “That’s our defense. That’s them.”

K-State held on for another dramatic win, and improved to 4-0. Today it will likely enter the top 25. Here’s a look at all that and more in this week’s Sunday Rewind:

Player Evaluations

Five that were good:

1. Arthur Brown. The junior linebacker is turning into a sure thing. His speed makes him difficult to avoid and he never misses a tackle. If you run a play in his direction, you aren’t getting far. Your best chance is to plan around him. On Saturday he became the first player to intercept Griffin this season, and one of the first to chase him down in a race to the corner. Bill Snyder says he has “a nose for the football,” and that may be an understatement. Brown made eight tackles on Saturday, and is having an incredible season so far.

2. Chris Harper. The Oregon transfer is quickly turning into the Wildcats’ top receiver. He made six catches for 67 yards and a touchdown Saturday, and was targeted throughout the day. He is almost always open, and has a great rapport with Collin Klein. As a former QB himself, he can offer advice. They talk in the huddle and on the sideline throughout games. That communication is paying off.
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