Daily Archives: Sept. 23, 2011

This week’s player to watch: Jacory Harris

Jacory Harris is one of the most entertaining players in all of college football.

When he is on, there are few better than the senior quarterback. He has a strong arm, fast feet and can drive defenses crazy with both. During his college career, he has thrown for 6,463 yards and 52 touchdowns.

When he is off, he can be the opposing team’s best friend. He rarely gives up on plays, and is never afraid to take chances. Put it this way: He’s a gambler, and his bets don’t always pay off. With 10 games remaining in his senior season, he has tossed 41 interceptions and rushed for negative 80 yards.

For those traits, some have labeled him a “video game quarterback.” Every play he makes is big. Some for the right reasons. Some for the wrong reasons.
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