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On John Hubert as K-State’s top RB

Kansas State has a running back hierarchy in place.

Even though Wildcats coach Bill Snyder has said his running backs have been in fierce competition with each other from the start of fall training camp to now, and even though the hierarchy could drastically change after Saturday’s game against Kent State, the point is we have a tangible order at the position.

1. John Hubert
2. Angelo Pease
3. Bryce Brown

A week after all three players split carries, there is no guarantee anyone other than Hubert will take hand-offs this Saturday. Snyder has said Pease will likely see a handful of touches, but he doesn’t know if Brown will see the field.

That means K-State fans need to get used to the idea of Hubert, at least in the short term, being the Wildcats’ featured running back. After rushing for 91 yards on 17 carries, including a long of 20 yards, against Eastern Kentucky, Hubert has earned the right to start.
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Thursday K-State links

Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton spoke with the St. Louis Dispatch about Oklahoma and the future of the Big 12 yesterday. As the chairman of the Big 12 board, it was interesting to hear his thoughts on the current conference realignment situation.

He told the newspaper he expects the Sooners to make a decision about their future conference affiliation within the next “10 to 14 days,” but expressed hope that the Big 12 could rebuild even if they decide to look to the Pac-12 with Oklahoma State coming along for the ride.

“I don’t want to go too far there, (but) there’s a legal basis for the Big 12 to go on and, certainly, I would expect that to continue,” he said in a phone interview.

Not that Deaton is expecting Oklahoma to go.

“If things change, we’ll try to keep it together and move forward with other members,” he said, later adding, “I’m a little more optimistic certainly today than I was maybe a week ago, but that’s based on the fact that I think good, careful reasoning and analysis of what’s in the best interests of each of our institutions will continue to bind us together as a conference.”

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