A few minutes with … Angelo Pease

Angelo Pease signed with Kansas State as a high school senior in 2009, but it wasn’t until Saturday that he took the field in a Wildcats uniform.

The delay was caused by grade issues, which led to a two-year detour at Hutchinson Community College. While there, he played quarterback, running back and even a little wide receiver, while always keeping his focus on getting to K-State.

While speaking with media during K-State’s weekly media session on Tuesday, Pease, a junior running back, talked about the long road he took to Manhattan and what his role will be with the Wildcats moving forward. In his first game, he rushed for 11 yards on five carries while splitting time with John Hubert and Bryce Brown.

Did you have any butterflies in your stomach during your first game?

I really didn’t have many, but me just getting on the field for the first time, experiencing the environment was my best experience. The experience of playing in front of 50,000 people was great.

What are your expectations for Game 2?

Getting that first game out of the way, I think it will be a lot different. I mean, I made mistakes and I’m correcting those mistakes. When it comes to the next game, I will do better.

Think you’ll be more relaxed?

More relaxed, yeah.

How do you see yourself impacting this team?

I’m a team player, so whatever role I play I’ll play. But I’ll try to have the greatest impact that I can.

What is it like sharing carries with two other running backs?

That’s a great duo right there. Any given time, we can break one and take it to the house. Three running backs, that’s a lot of depth, you know. Just in case one of us has an injury we’ve got that next guy who is as good as that first guy.

How competitive are the three of you?

It’s real, real competitive. It’s still competitive now. It’s still going on. It could be competitive throughout the season. The more we push each other the better I think we can make each other.

You ran one play out of the wildcat formation Saturday, and you picked up 14 yards on it. Do you like stepping in and running the wildcat?

Yeah, it’s fun. I would love to do more of that. Like I said, I’m a team player. Whatever the coaches call they’ll put me in whatever situation they put me in and I’ve just got to deal with it.

You were a quarterback in high school. How much did you play QB at Hutchinson?

My first season I played the whole season at quarterback. My second season I started at quarterback, but the running back went down so they moved me to running back. I played quarterback after that, too. There were certain things they still needed me to do at quarterback. I had experience from the last year, I was more of a leader than the quarterback they replaced me with. In certain situations I played quarterback.

So you’re comfortable throwing and running out of the wildcat formation?

I still can throw the ball. Just because they moved me to running back, I haven’t lost it. I’ve still got it.

You’re from Cairo, Georgia. Not a usual recruiting spot for K-State coaches. How did your recruitment get started?

That’s been a minute ago. I’ve been through a couple of coaches to get here. I know the exact thing that happened, when I was in high school K-State just popped up and we took it from there.

Did K-State recruit you as a quarterback or running back?

I think they recruited me, coming out of high school I can’t remember, but I thought it was as a quarterback. I guess as I got to junior college and they saw how versatile I was and could do more than quarterback they switched me to athlete.

How long did your journey to K-State feel?

It was a long time coming. I knew I could come out of high school, then coming to juco my juco didn’t go as I thought it would go. But things worked out well and I finally got there and had a great experience. I loved it.

Why didn’t K-State work out two years ago?

It was some grade issues. I was about to graduate from junior college and there were certain things I didn’t do that I should have done that held me back a couple more months.

Was K-State always on your mind in junior college?

I kept in touch with the coaches every other day. I just couldn’t wait to get here.