Tuesday K-State links

New uniforms are always met with mixed reactions from a team’s fan base, and Kansas State’s new gray unis were no exception Monday night.

From what I could see on twitter and fans at the game, it seemed like most approved of the new look. But at least one national blogger and our own Bob Lutz gave the new home colors a big thumbs down.

K-State players said they liked the new uniforms and coach Frank Martin called them “big-time.” Personally, I thought they were an improvement on the purple uniforms debuted Saturday at College Station.

If you are a fan of the old white and black unis don’t fear. K-State informed me last night the purple and gray are only the Wildcats’ new alternate colors. Nike has sent white and black unis in the new style to Manhattan, too, and they will be debuted soon.

– The Dallas Morning-News has some observations on last night’s game.

– At least one viewer thought K-State and Baylor wasn’t a good enough game to be played on “Big Monday.”

– K-State got another football commitment out of Oklahoma last night.

Dante Barnett, a defensive back/wide receiver, has chosen K-State over Weber State. It was his only other offer.

“I wondered for a while if I was going to get one (a major college offer),” Barnett told the Tulsa World. “That inspired me to play even harder late in the season. It was a relief when Kansas State offered me.”

As a senior, he had a team-high seven interceptions for the second straight year. He also had 99 tackles and an 80-yard kickoff return for a TD. As a wide receiver, he caught 37 passes for 487 yards and nine TDs.