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Postgame: K-State 69, Baylor 61

If Will Spradling continues to play the way he did Monday night at Bramlage Coliseum during Kansas State’s big 69-61 win over Baylor, the Wildcats will continue to improve as the season goes along.

The freshman guard was that good.

He scored a career-high 17 points, made two key three-pointers, drained all nine of his free throws and committed no turnovers while also providing a few impressive plays on defense.

But what truly made his night was his tenacious approach. When he missed shots, he didn’t blink. He got back on defense and wasn’t afraid to shoot the next time he saw the ball. If that missed too, he just kept on playing. Very Denis Clemente. That’s something the Wildcats need.

“Will can be extremely good with his intangibles and his decision making,” said senior guard Jacob Pullen. “Offensively he can really score the ball. He scored the ball in high school really well. There are certain drills in practice that he can shoot you in a drill and you can’t get out. Offensively the sky is the limit for him.”
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Tuesday K-State links

New uniforms are always met with mixed reactions from a team’s fan base, and Kansas State’s new gray unis were no exception Monday night.

From what I could see on twitter and fans at the game, it seemed like most approved of the new look. But at least one national blogger and our own Bob Lutz gave the new home colors a big thumbs down.

K-State players said they liked the new uniforms and coach Frank Martin called them “big-time.” Personally, I thought they were an improvement on the purple uniforms debuted Saturday at College Station.

If you are a fan of the old white and black unis don’t fear. K-State informed me last night the purple and gray are only the Wildcats’ new alternate colors. Nike has sent white and black unis in the new style to Manhattan, too, and they will be debuted soon.
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