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Underwood talks J.O. and playing time

For the second straight week Kansas State assistant basketball coach Brad Underwood allowed me to pick his brain on a few basketball topics. And for the second straight week, he had plenty of insightful comments to share.

Hopefully we can keep that going and turn this into a weekly staple on the blog.

The main topics this week: The surprising play of 7-footer Jordan Henriquez-Roberts, who scored 14 points and grabbed six rebounds against Missouri, and the way coaches look at playing time as opposed to fans.

Did you have a feeling Henriquez-Roberts was going to give you a breakout performance?

“Jordan is a talented player. He had something going for him in that game. Missouri doesn’t have a tremendous amount of size. They’re not an overly physical team, but in a game of finesse, Jordan is very capable. He’s a guy who has great length and can finish at the rim.

“He’s got great touch. He’s a guy that was very active. Jordan is a tremendous presence on the defensive end with his ability to block shots.
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A look at K-State basketball, then and now

From No. 3 in the country to unranked and 1-3 in the Big 12.

What happened to the Kansas State basketball team?

Were preseason expectations simply too high? Have the Wildcats’ off-court issues been too much of a distraction? Or has it all been on-court problems?

Probably a little from all three categories.

K-State’s fall from the top 5 to NCAA Tournament bubble team has been complex and difficult to figure. One interesting way to look at it is by comparing each player’s preseason outlook to how they are performing today.
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