When will Nebraska, K-State meet again?

Don’t expect Kansas State and Nebraska to play a football game against each other anytime soon.

With the Cornhuskers on their way out of the Big 12, scheduling unknowns and hurt feelings will put an end to their rivalry with the Wildcats for at least a few years.

I asked K-State athletic director John Currie last month about the possibility of continuing the series as nonconference opponents, and he said he had a long list of priorities that ranked higher than wondering about that.

Earlier this week football coach Bill Snyder said he wouldn’t be opposed to facing Nebraska again at some point, but he wouldn’t anticipate it happening in the near future.

But they have to meet somewhere down the line, don’t they? The schools are less than three hours away from each other, and fans regularly attend games at both locations. According to USA Today and The Oklahoman, Nebraska is open to facing Oklahoma in nonconference play. Why not K-State?

The convenience factor is certainly too good to pass up. And when you look around the country at other teams that have switched conferences, they play their old rivals all the time.

Texas plays former Southwest Conference rivals Houston, Rice, TCU and Arkansas from time to time without any problem.

Texas A&M just started up a neutral-site series with Arkansas, as well.

Baylor traveled to TCU this year. SMU and TCU still face each other all the time.

BYU and Utah plan to continue their series as nonconference opponents. There are plenty of examples out there. In time, grudges come to an end and teams agree to play each other again.

There are two main problems with K-State and Nebraska playing in the future.

1. With the Big 12 switching to a nine-game conference schedule, teams will be more desperate than ever to get wins in nonconference play. Adding Nebraska to an already difficult schedule doesn’t make sense for K-State right now.

2. Both sides are pretty particular about their home games. Snyder doesn’t want to play nonconference games on the road, period. Need I repeat his thoughts on home games bringing in big business for the city of Manhattan?

The Cornhuskers don’t like traveling away from Lincoln, either. They make millions of dollars every time they play in front of a packed house at home, and generally only schedule home-and-home series with big-name opponents that get them on national TV.

I suppose they could play at a neutral-site like Arrowhead Stadium, but those who cover Nebraska say the Huskers would only consider that scenario if it was part of a two-game series with the other game being played in Lincoln.

In other words, Nebraska gets a home game and K-State is the designated home team in Kansas City.

When asked earlier this year if he would be in favor of continuing Farmageddon against Iowa State at Arrowhead, Snyder gave a similar answer: Only if the Cyclones had to give up their home game.

That brings us back to the original question. When will Nebraska and K-State next play? Not anytime soon.