Nebraska week is here

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder kicked off Nebraska week by answering two silly questions during his weekly Big 12 Teleconference today.

Both prove the importance of doing a little research.

Silly question No. 1: Is it starting to feel like K-State/Nebraska is going to be a big-time rivalry year in, year out?

Snyder’s answer: Well, no. Unfortunately it doesn’t become that because Nebraska will be leaving the conference next year. So no we certainly understand that’s not going to take place.

Silly question No. 2: Most of your players have never played in a big game before. How are they going to handle Thursday?

Snyder’s answer: I don’t know that that’s really that accurate of a statement. The reason I say that is because so many of these youngsters played in our ballgame with Nebraska last year. For us that was truly a big ball game. It was an opportunity to win the North Division and play in the championship game, so that was a major ball game certainly for us. I think most of our youngsters have experienced that. The few that have not have keyed off the youngsters that have.

The Wildcats will certainly benefit from playing at Nebraska in a hostile environment last year. The stakes were much higher back then, and the same ESPN cameras that will be in Manhattan on Thursday were on hand in Lincoln, Neb.

This week will be nothing new for them at all.

Biggest win?
Could K-State’s 31-22 victory over UCLA on opening day end up being the Big 12′s best nonconference victory?

It’s possible.

Other marquee victories include: Colorado over Georgia (big name), Kansas over Georgia Tech (ranked 15 at the time), Missouri over Illinois (Big 10 foe), Nebraska at Washington (just beat USC), Oklahoma over Florida State (currently ranked 23rd).

In a weak field, UCLA is near the top of the class.

Closing in on Top 25
K-State is still on the outside looking in, but a victory over Nebraska will move the Wildcats solidly into the Top 25. By receiving 69 votes in this week’s AP Poll, they are unofficially the 27th ranked team in the country.

Chess match
When both teams are coming off a bye the way K-State and Nebraska currently are, the added time to prepare can sometimes make the coaches feel like they’re preparing for a chess match.

Said Snyder: “Are you preparing for the right thing or not? That’s something you never know.”