Live Blog: K-State 62, Texas A&M 14

Just got back from the interview room. Everyone is pretty happy about this win.

Going from 52 down to 48 up, that’s kind of expected. K-State dominated in every phase of the game.

Six sacks from the Wildcats’ defensive line and 62 points from their offense. All around strong effort. Check back later for a lengthier post.

8:07 Fourth Quarter
Brandon Klimek boots a long field goal to put K-State ahead 62-14. There are many push ups to be done.

5:01 Third Quarter
Nwachukwu strikes again, this time with a 23-yard touchdown reception.

Texas A&M has now pulled to within 59-14.

9:34 Third Quarter
And the shutout ends with a 66-yard touchdown pass to Uzoma Nwachukwu. A&M pulls to within 59-7 with 9:34 to go in the third.

9:48 Third Quarter
Keithen Valentine with another touchdown. He now has 29 yards and two touchdowns on two carries.

K-State may well win this game by more than 60 points.

13:50 Third Quarter
Could this be the biggest single-game turnaround ever? From 52 points down last week to up 52 points this week.

Keithen Valentine just ran in a score after Joshua Moore grabbed an INT. The blowout continues.

14:46 Third Quarter
K-State’s Brandon Banks took the opening kickoff the second half to the house to give the Wildcats a 45-0 lead.

The blowout continues.

It was his third of the season, a new K-State record.

Well, it is the exact opposite of the Texas Tech game. Instead of trailing 38-0 at halftime, Kansas State now leads 38-0.

What an incredible turn of events. K-State is rolling right now.

Football players are going nuts at midfield, and they deserve to happy. Great first half performance all around.

1:02 Second Quarter
There goes Daniel Thomas again. He now has four touchdowns and 91 yards on 18 carries. Incredible.

K-State looks so good today, I don’t quite know what to say about it. The Wildcats are doing anything they want and the Aggies are putting up no fight at all.

I’ve said it a few times already, but this is the Texas Tech game in reverse.

8:19 Second Quarter
This could be the beginning of a blowout. K-State has forced Texas A&M into a turnover and four punts. While its offense has churned out three touchdowns and a field goal. All three scores have been by Daniel Thomas.

Grant Gregory completed a key 44-yard pass on that last drive to set up Thomas’ touchdown run.

To put it simply: K-State looks great. Last week feels like years ago.

End First Quarter
Without Brandon Harold, K-State’s defensive line is easily winning the battle up front. It’s what the Wildcats have been trying to do all season. No wonder they are up by 17.

3:34 1st Quarter
This game is going as well as the Texas Tech game went poorly.

Jeffrey Fitzgerald is terrorizing A&M on defense, now forcing a fumble and recording a 15-yard sack, and the K-State offense is taking advantage of its short fields.

Daniel Thomas now has two rushing touchdowns. K-State up 17-0.

6:34 1st Quarter
Kansas State must have liked the way Texas Tech scored on all of its first-half drives last week. The Wildcats have touched the ball twice today, and they have scored two times.

K-State leads 10-0 after a 23-yard Josh Cherry field goal split the up rights. Brandon Banks already has three catches for 40 yards.

13:00 1st Quarter
And the K-S-UUUUUUU Wildcats chant begins early in this one. Jeffrey Fitzgerald forced a Texas A&M fumble on the second play and quickly responded with a touchdown.

Grant Gregory hit Brandon Banks for 17 yards to set up the score, then Daniel Thomas ran in the TD from seven yards out. That’s the fast start K-State needed.

7 minutes till kickoff
I previously stated that K-State was not using gimmicks to attract fans to this game. I was wrong. It is Harley day and motorcycles are every where.

9 minutes till kickoff
Random pregame fact: Texas A&M is undefeated when playing in the state of Kansas this decade.

10 minutes till kickoff
Sophomore defensive end Brandon Harold was not on the field for pregame warm-ups.

30 minutes till kickoff
The Aggie Bowl is half an hour away, and Snyder Family Stadium is appropriately covered in purple and maroon.

It looks like Texas A&M brought six yell leaders with it, but no band. Kinda surprised by that.

In pregame news, it looks like Daniel Thomas is practicing taking snaps out of the Wildcat formation with Keithen Valentine by his side. Perhaps Bill Snyder will run that play more than usual today.