Live Blog: K-State 24, Iowa State 23

What a strange ending. Iowa State came through with a miracle touchdown pass to pull to within one point but K-State blocked the PAT to hold on for a 24-23 win.

Raphael Guidry is being credited for the block.

K-State improves to 3-2. Iowa State drops to 3-2.

5:36 4th Quarter
And as I write that, Grant Gregory makes the play of the year. Facing a heavy pass rush, the senior quarterback spun away from a sure sack, darted to his right and threw a 54-yard TD pass to Brandon Banks.

K-State now leads 24-17.

7:07 4th Quarter
There’s another Iowa State punt. Both teams appear to be sputtering to the finish at Arrowhead.

Offense is definitely at a premium.

10:34 4th Quarter
Iowa State fumbles.

Kansas State throws an interception.

Back-to-back plays that, like everything else at Arrowhead today, evened out.

13:45 4th Quarter
Kansas State lucked out by grabbing a fumble and Iowa State committing a penalty.

Then it lucked out by an ISU defender falling to the ground on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Grant Gregory to Lamark Brown.

The score is now tied at 17, as even as things have gone today we could be looking at overtime.

End 3rd Quarter
K-State stopped the important drive by coming through with a fumble recovery. And its fortune kept getting better. An unnecessary roughness penalty on the next play put the Wildcats in the red zone.

They are now 7 yards from the end zone and have three downs to get in.

3:51 3rd Quarter
Kansas State just punted to Iowa State. The Cyclones will take over on their own 18. This will be an important drive.

If any team goes ahead by 14 points it will likely win. There isn’t enough offensive firepower on the field for either side to make a quick comeback.

7:27 3rd Quarter
Kansas State couldn’t get anything going on its first drive of the second half. It also couldn’t stop Iowa State on its first drive of the second half.

After a Wildcats punt, Iowa State marched 80 yards in 12 plays to go ahead 17-10.

Austen Arnaud punched in the touchdown from three yards away.

By Kellis Robinett

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas State and Iowa State came into their game at Arrowhead Stadium with similar make ups, and after one half of football they are dead even.

The score is tied 10-10, and both teams have scored in almost exactly the same fashion.

After holding Iowa State to a punt on the first drive of the game, Kansas State responded with a an old-school touchdown drive of 89 yards to take the lead 7-0. It took the Wildcats 13 plays to score, and ran the ball on 12 of those plays. Surprise starting quarterback Grant Gregory punched in the touchdown with a two-yard run.

K-State was close to going up by more points on its next possession, but star running back Daniel Thomas, who has 58 yards on 14 carries fumbled in the red zone.

Iowa State took over and scored a field goal. Then, after forcing a Wildcats punt, reeled off a long drive of its own. Using 11 plays, the Cyclones marched 73 yards and went ahead 10-7 on a 22-yard touchdown pass to Derrick Catlett.

K-State tied the score at 10-10 just before halftime with a 39-yard field goal from struggling kicker Josh Cherry.

Gregory is off to a great start so far, having completed 8 of 11 passes for 96 yards. Iowa State’s star running back Alexander Robinson has not played for much of the game but has recorded 47 rushing yards.

3:55 2nd Quarter
Kansas State’s defense isn’t looking so good right now. Even with Iowa State’s top running back Alexander Robinson out of the game (apparently with an injury) the Cyclones are moving at will.

They just finished off a 73-yard drive with a 22-yard TD pass to Derrick Catlett to take the lead at 10-7.

9:39 2nd Quarter
Jeffrey Fitzgerald answered with a huge tackle for loss right there to end Iowa State’s drive.

That is one of the better plays from any of K-State’s defensive linemen this season. Because of that, the Cyclones were held to a field goal.

10:21 2nd Quarter
Iowa State is driving at the 12-yard line, and it hasn’t done a whole lot to move the ball. Run up the middle, throw short. Basic stuff.

K-State has been in position to stop the Cyclones but its players aren’t tackling very well. The first hit is basically doing nothing. That will need to improve.

End 1st Quarter
After 15 minutes of football, Kansas State leads 7-0, but can point to a Daniel Thomas fumble as the reason why it isn’t up by more.

The Wildcats opened the game with a brilliant, old-school drive that featured 12 runs and scored to take the lead. They stopped Iowa State on both of its drives and were about to score again but Thomas fumbled at the 8-yard line.

The Cyclones just reeled off a long run themselves. The game should tighten up heading forward.

Grant Gregory has looked good so far in place of Carson Coffman. He is getting rid of the ball quickly and already completed a 40 yarder.

1:41 1st Quarter
Kansas State is moving the ball for the second time today. The Wildcats are in the end zone and about to attempt a 4th and 1.

5:11 1st Quarter
Well, it’s fairly obvious K-State came to Arrowhead Stadium ready to run the ball. On its opening drive of the game, the Wildcats marched 89 yards in 13 plays (12 of them being runs) and scored a touchdown to go ahead 7-0.

Grant Gregory ran in the score from two yards out. Daniel Thomas did the heavy lifting, though, rushing the ball nine times.

12:11 1st Quarter
Correction, Daniel Thomas is your starting quarterback.

Though Gregory is on the field and is now under center.

15 minutes till kickoff
Looks like Arrowhead Stadium will be about half full today. Lots of fans on both sides of the field but very few people in the end zones. The upper deck is especially sparse.

K-State officials have yet to confirm it, but the buzz in the press box right now is that Grant Gregory will start today’s game in place of Carson Coffman.

We’ll find out if that’s true shortly.

40 minutes till kickoff
Traffic was rough on I-70 today coming over from Manhattan, and there was all kinds of purple in the Arrowhead parking lot, so Kansas State might not be all that poorly represented today.

The stands are yet to fill up, though, so it’s hard to tell.

The weather is kind of dreary and temperatures are in the 50s. Not a ton of wind, but it’s not quiet either. Should be decent playing conditions.

Some interesting match-ups to consider today:

Tysyn Hartman vs. David Sims. Two of the Big 12′s best safeties go against each other.

Alexander Robinson vs. Daniel Thomas. Two of the Big 12′s best running backs go against each other.

K-State’s D-line vs. Iowa State’s O-line. A line with four sacks goes against a line that has given up just one.

Bill Snyder vs. Paul Rhoads. A long-time coach faces off against a first-year coach.