Live Blog: ULL 17, K-State 15

ULL 17, K-State 15; Final
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State couldn’t mount a comeback drive, and the Wildcats fall 17-15 to the Ragin’ Cajuns.

ULL 17, K-State 15
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kick is good. K-State will have 31.1 seconds to answer.

K-State 15, ULL 14
LAFAYETTE, La. — ULL is preparing to kick a 48-yard field goal with 36.6 seconds remaining in the game.

K-State 15, ULL 14
LAFAYETTE, La. — ULL is driving with a minute remaining. Game may come down to a kick.

K-State 15, ULL 14
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State asked Daniel Thomas to take direct snaps and run to his right three straight times, and on the third attempt he got into the end zone.

K-State now holds a 15-14 lead, because it made the extra point.

ULL 14, K-State 8; 4th Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State is four yards away from taking the lead here in Cajun country.

That is if the Wildcats can add a point after touchdown if they score, anyway.

Jeron Mastrud just caught a 26-yard pass that was tipped a few times and K-State is in scoring position.

ULL 14, K-State 8; 10:47 4th Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State’s offense owes a huge thank you to Daniel Thomas.

The junior running back is carrying K-State on his back right now. He has 115 yards rushing and a TD pass.

ULL 14, K-State 8; 14:56 4th Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Daniel Thomas IS doing everything here tonight. On top of 83 rushing yards, the junior running back just completed a jump pass to Jeron Mastrud for a three-yard touchdown.

So Kansas State is very much in this game.

Though its kicking game needs all kinds of work. It just missed an extra point. That is on top of two missed field goals and a botched field goal.

ULL 14, K-State 2; End 3rd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State has yet to convert a third down into a first down, but the Wildcats are 3 for 3 on fourth down conversions in the second half.

Because of those clutch plays, K-State is still in this game.

With the fourth quarter about to start, the Wildcats face a third and goal from the three.

Daniel Thomas has turned in to the do everything back for K-State. He is touching the ball on practically every play.

ULL 14, K-State 2; 2:34 3rd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Kansas State is actually moving the ball here.

On the back of running back Daniel Thomas, K-State is 27 yards from the end zone.

ULL 14, K-State 2; 5:41 3rd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — The folks here in the press box are trying to remember the last time Kansas State looked this bad on offense.

After converting two fourth downs on their first drive of the second half, the Wildcats missed another field goal. This time, Cherry missed from 47 yards out wide right.

Fourteen points might be all it takes for the Ragin’ Cajuns to win this thing.

ULL 14, K-State 2; Halftime
LAFAYETTE, La. — After 30 minutes of mistake plagued football in Cajun country, Louisiana-Lafayette leads Kansas State 14-2.

Both teams have struggled mightily to move the ball on offense, but after a slow start the Ragin’ Cajuns have found a little bit of a groove.

On the final drive of the second quarter, they capped off a 73-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown pass from Chris Masson to Luke Aubrey to go ahead by two scores.

Louisiana-Lafayette also scored earlier in the second quarter on a 13-yard touchdown run by Undrea Sails.

Before that, though, not much happened on either side — accept for punts.

Total offense at halftime is only 324 yards, and K-State has amassed just 131 of that number. It picked up a measly four first downs and quarterbacks Carson Coffman and Grant Gregory have seven completions between them.

In the first quarter, K-State went 0 for 5 on third-down conversions and failed to capitalize on two early ULL fumbles.

The series coach Bill Snyder probably wishes he could have back above all others was the Wildcats’ second of the game. After forcing a Ragin’ Cajuns fumble near the red zone, K-State took over with a short field but was denied near the goal line.

When it couldn’t get in for a touchdown, Snyder sent in the field goal unit. But Josh Cherry missed a 24-yard field goal.

The only score of the first quarter came with 2:43 remaining, when Masson chased down a bad snap in his end zone and intentionally took a safety. K-State went ahead 2-0.

With their offense unable to pick up first downs, though, the Wildcats quickly fell behind. Their only other scoring opportunities in the first half ended with a Daniel Thomas fumble and a botched field goal attempt.

Thomas has been the Wildcats’ best offensive player so far, as he has picked up 47 yards on the ground. Coffman went 7 of 13 for 65 yards and threw an interception.

John Houlick made an interception for Kansas State.

Louisiana-Lafayette will receive the opening kickoff of the second half.

ULL 14, K-State 2; 4.6 sec.
LAFAYETTE, La. — The Ragin’ Cajuns go ahead 14-2 with a one-yard TD pass to Luke Aubrey just before halftime.

ULL gets the ball to start the next half. K-State will need to regroup big time in the locker room.

ULL 7, K-State 2; 2:19 2nd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Carson Coffman was starting to look good. He completed three straight passes and the Wildcats were moving.

Then he got hit in the pocket and he threw an interception.

ULL takes over at its 27.

ULL 7, K-State 2; 5:00 2nd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — That was an odd series of gaffes.

Daniel Thomas fumbled the ball after a great gain on a screen pass and ULL took over. Then on the Ragin’ Cajuns next play John Houlik intercepted a tipped pass and K-State took over.

A would be KSU touchdown was then wiped off the scoreboard because of a holding penalty.

K-State settled for a field goal try, but a botched snap resulted in no kick. ULL is about to punt again.

ULL 7, K-State 2; 9:37 2nd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — No, two points will not be enough to win.

The Ragin’ Cajuns just stormed their way up the field and finished off a seven play, 61-yard drive with a touchdown run from Undrea Sails.

Kansas State’s offense will need to answer here. The Wildcats take over on their own 28 and Coffman is back under center.

K-State 2, ULL 0; 12:28 2nd Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Grant Gregory just missed badly on a pass attempt and then ran two times before Kansas State went 3-and-out.

This is getting old.

ULL has the ball at its own 39.

Could two points be all it takes to win this game?

K-State 2, ULL 0; End 1st Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — ANOTHER 3-and-out for the Wildcats.

Gregory just missed a wide open man who had slipped past the defense. Could have gone for a TD with a good enough throw. Instead ULL has the ball at its own 30.

K-State has failed to convert on all five of its third downs so far.

ULL has lost two fumbles.

K-State 2, ULL 0; 2:43
LAFAYETTE, La. — So that just happened.

Louisiana-Lafayette quarterback Chris Masson ran down a bad snap in his own end zone, and rather than try to run around and eventually throw the ball away he decided to intentionally run out of bounds and take a safety.

The guy had plenty of other options. Strange decision to be sure.

But I’m guessing K-State has no problem accepting the gift. Wildcats ball on their own 41 when play returns.

K-State 0, ULL 0; 3:00 1st Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Well, the QB change didn’t help on that drive. Gregory went 0-for-2 and the Wildcats went 3-and-out for the third time.

Luckily for K-State, the Ragin’ Cajuns’ offense is playing just as poorly.

K-State 0, ULL 0; 3:32 1st Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Following another ULL fumble, K-State sends in Grant Gregory at quarterback.

K-State 0, ULL 0; 7:24 1st Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — The Kansas State defense is looking strong midway through the first quarter, but its offensive counterparts aren’t looking good in any way.

Carson Coffman is off to a 1-for-5 start for six yards. He has missed two wide open receivers and Grant Gregory is already warming up on the sideline.

After a punt, ULL is set to take over on its own 15.

K-State 0, ULL 0; 9:45 1st Quarter
LAFAYETTE, La. — Strange beginning here for the Wildcats. They went 3-and-out and punted. Then they forced a fumble on the Ragin’ Cajuns first play to get fantastic field position. Then they missed a 24-yard field goal.

Josh Cherry missed it wide right. ULL takes over on its own 20.

K-State at ULL, Coin Toss

LAFAYETTE, La. — Louisiana-Lafayette has won the toss and elected to defer. Kansas State will take the opening kickoff in about two minutes.

K-State at ULL, 21 minutes till kickoff

LAFAYETTE, La. — Both teams are now off the field and the ULL band is filing in.

The crowd seems very small right now. Last week, the Ragin’ Cajuns went 10,000 over capacity and let people sit on hills behind the end zones. Right now even the prime seats are empty.

My guess is 20,000-25,000 actually view the game.

I’m told ULL fans don’t like being in the rain.

Well, so much for preparing for the heat. A steady drizzle has knocked the temperatures down considerably, and it feels like Kansas here at Cajun Field. Only a little more humid.

The field is artificial, so I don’t expect the conditions to be bothered much by some water. Throwing the ball should not be a problem.

Both teams are warming up as we speak, but not many fans have made their way in yet. Probably because they’re all out tailgating.

I walked through the parking lot a bit earlier to meet an old friend of mine and must say the atmosphere out there is pretty good. Saw some fried gator, some gumbo and all kinds of seafood. Drinks as well.

And before my next update, I promised ULL fan Joseph Abraham I’d give him a shout out on here. He knows a lot about this team, and says the Ragin’ Cajuns really needed some hot weather to help them out against the Wildcats.

“In 95 degree weather, I would have given us the edge,” he said. “But now, Kansas State will probably win.”

So K-State fans have got that going for them.