A letter from Bill Snyder

The Kansas State sports information office has asked that my paper run this letter from coach Bill Snyder to the Wildcat fan base.

No need to wait that long. I’ll put it online immediately. Enjoy.

Dear Faithful Wildcat Family,

Thank you so very much for the amazing turnout for Saturday’s game, for making the day an electric environment for the more than 300 returning ex-players and above all for caring so very, very much.

Our second-half performance was not what we all had hoped for and as you can see, we have a lot of work to do. But, as was the case from 1989 on, your continued and loyal support through the difficult times is vital to the development and continued improvement of your program.

Our players and coaches truly felt your presence, emotion and passion from the outset on Saturday. Please continue that same caring passion for future home games. We are family and together we will get there.

With great appreciation and warmest regards,

Coach Bill Snyder