This week’s player to watch: Daniel Thomas


At his weekly news conference, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder tried to say as little about his football team as possible. He said some areas were good. He said some areas were not so good.

That’s the type of guy he his. He’ll talk in generalities, but rarely single anybody out. He went so far yesterday as to say he didn’t think he had any “star players” on the roster.

I would argue that Brandon Banks and Nick Stringer are “star players,” but Snyder might also want to keep his eye on Daniel Thomas.

Of all the new faces on this team, he’s probably the best candidate to become a “star player.”

Thomas, as you’re likely well aware, came to Kansas State as a highly touted four-star recruit who could play quarterback or running back.

He ran for 618 yards and six touchdowns and threw for 450 yards and two scores last season at Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Coming into Saturday’s season-opener against UMass, he is the most talked about player on the team (other than the quarterbacks) and the talk about him is very good.

I’m not going to bore you with every glowing word that was said about him on Tuesday, but the basic assessment is that he bulldozing people in practice.

Fifth-year senior Courtney Herndon said this about him: “Dan Thomas, he has impressed me. He’s the complete back you want to have. I’ve seen him do some real damage out on that field. I really like Daniel Thomas and his game. He is a complete player. He has speed, power and ability to shake. He as all of it.”

Because of all that, he will start at running back on Saturday.

I know I’ll be watching him.