More Manhattan Classic info

Props to Matt Suther, who produced the following list of participating programs in the Classic off the top of his head:

Martin Brothers, Team Texas Elite, Spiece Mo-Kan, Houston Clippers, Texas D-I Ambassadors, Hoop Planet (Atlanta), All Iowa Attack and the Kansas Players.

The last two teams are interesting because they feature Harrison Barnes, a 6-foot-6 guard who is arguably the top player in the Class of 2010, and Perry Ellis, whom I wrote briefly about earlier and might be Barnes’ equal in the Class of 2012.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Barnes has been to several Kansas games, spotted sitting behind the bench – again, similar to Ellis in that regard. But given his enormous list of offers, Barnes seems wide open. And that’s also the information I keep receiving about Ellis, despite rumors the gifted freshman was a Jayhawk lean.

Also, K-State assistant football coaches have been in Wichita today. Someone – we couldn’t get a name – stopped by Northwest (recent commit Demarcus Robinson). Joe Bob Clements checked in at Southeast, presumably for Joseph Randle. For more information on Randle, visit Varsity Kansas – The Blog (cool name – think I could pull off K-Stated – The Blog? Actually, K-Stated is a blog, while Varsity Kansas is much, much more than that. I answered my own inane question. Carry on with your lives.).