My take, Oklahoma State

Found this in my in-box a little while ago:

“Why is it that the writer for K State doesn’t even know that they will still probably get the fourth seed if they beat CU? OU beats O State at home. KU beats UT at home. K State beats CU at home. Three very likely events and KSU is the fourth seed. You need to do your homework. Or better yet, take two weeks off and then retire. You’re the worst.”

Yep, I made a mistake in today’s game story, suggesting the loss cost the Wildcats the No. 4 seed. I admit my mistake, and I’m not going to make any excuses. Shouldn’t have happened.

Anyway, I thought the Wildcats played well Tuesday, no doubt. But don’t you have to close that game out, especially if you’re making the case you belong in the NCAA Tournament field? Not piling on the Wildcats, or kicking them when they’re down, but that game was for the taking. They showed unbelievable poise for 36 minutes – I was fascinated watching every time Oklahoma State made a run, K-State calmly answered with a spurt to cut the deficit to a point or two – and then everything came undone.

This won’t make me popular, I’m sure, but since I’m contemplating following the gentleman’s advice above and retiring at the ripe age of 34, it shouldn’t matter – the Wildcats aren’t there yet. What was it that Frank Martin was saying after Tuesday’s game? He commended Byron Eaton, who played a fantastic game, for being a four-year starter.

Experience is a major factor, which Martin has been preaching since he became the head coach last year. That’s what’s missing – not actual on-court action, but the knowledge of winning games in those situations, of winning in those situations on the road, etc.

Don’t get wrong – this is a fun team. When Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen both have it going, K-State is tough to deal with. And the Wildcats still might do some damage in Oklahoma City. But I felt Tuesday conveniently encapsulated everything that is great about this team and also everything that is lacking.

And with that, I’m off to do my homework.