My take, North Carolina Central

Another win. That was the best thing to come out of Tuesday. And Jamar Samuels rediscovering his game.

A lot – no, make that A LOT – confidence from the players about winning out the rest of the way. How do you all feel about that? 

There’s no reason to suggest Kansas State can’t rip off five in a row, but realistically, with next week’s road trip to Missouri, can it happen?

By the way, Pops said Dominique Sutton is the key to the team. If he plays well offensively, he puts so much pressure on the opposition. When he’s off, where does Frank Martin turn? To Chris Merriewether, who isn’t an offensive threat.

I don’t have much else aside from that. We all know the score. In other news, I’m keeping an eye on the Bryce Brown saga, and hopefully soon, I’ll be prepared to unveil my theory on the whole thing. Need to check on a couple of things in the meanwhile, but stay tuned.