WORD! Nebraska’s Cookie Miller

NOTE: This is a new feature that is designed to be light while also revealing something about the personalities of the Kansas State Wildcats and the opposition’s star players.

This week’s subject, Nebraska sophomore point guard Cookie Miller, is a 5-foot-7 dynamo who grew up in West Virginia and played AAU basketball with former K-State star/enigma Bill Walker.  He was an especially good sport about all of this, so we thank him for his assistance.

The Wildcats face Miller and the Cornhuskers Saturday at the Devaney Center at 5 p.m.

K-STATED: Kansas State?

CM: Physical.

K-STATED: Wendell?

CM: (Laughter) I don’t like it, but it is what it is. I have to live with it. My mom named me that, so… Not too many people call me that.

K-STATED: Cookie?

CM: (More laughter) Sweet, attractive.

K-STATED: Lincoln?

CM: Beautiful in the summertime, miserable in the winter.


CM: Man, let me see… (long pause). God… (another pause). A general, straight from the Army, very demanding.

K-STATED: NU basketball?

CM: We get after it for 40 minutes, and every play is THE play.