WORD! – Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin

NOTE: This is a new feature that is designed to be light while also revealing something about the personalities of the Kansas State Wildcats and the opposition’s star players.

This is essentially word association, and the subject – this week, it’s Griffin, the 6-foot-10 man-child whom many believe will be the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft – has the option of explaining his rapid-fire response.

K-STATED: Kansas State?

BG: Consistent.

K-STATED: Manhattan?

BG: I’ve never been there. (Griffin is an Oklahoma City native)

K-STATED: Thunder?

BG: (Pause) Ummm… (Laughter, followed by another pause) Let’s say young.

K-STATED: Norman?

BG: Football.

K-STATED: Best player in the country?

BG: Stephen Curry. No disrespect to Tyler Hansbrough, but look at what Steph is doing without as many good players around. No knock on Davidson, but it’s pretty well known North Carolina has great players.

K-STATED: What about you?

BG: I’m not trying to worry about that. I’m not thinking about that at all.