Props to Ron Prince for closing his three years at Kansas State with a win. Well done, sir. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

But now on to other pressing matters, such as his replacement. A lot of people have wondered why I didn’t chime in more during this search, which is nearing its conclusion. The problem was there was a lot of misinformation out there, and verifying anything these days has been almost impossible.

What we do we know? Well, here’s what I know:

I’ve been told Gary Patterson has a meeting tomorrow with his athletic director at TCU. I know Bob Krause has called a meeting today with the Wildcats.

Here’s what I think I know:

I think there are people who conduct coaching searches who are friends with people close to Patterson, and the people who conduct coaching searches are letting it be known that the TCU coach isn’t interested in K-State because of the instability and uncertainty of the administration – but Patterson might be curious about other vacancies elsewhere.

I think the timing of Prince’s firing bothered the target K-State zeroed in on all along, and that target told the administration he wouldn’t provide a definitive answer until the season was completed, until there was an actual opening at K-State.

I think the target provided an answer either last night or this morning, and I believe the target will “meet” with the Wildcats tonight, not that they haven’t already met Bill Snyder.

Yep, Bill Snyder.

I don’t believe there was any real contact between the administration and Patterson. I honestly don’t. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I don’t have enough sources. All I know, or all I think I know because this has been the wackiest coaching search I’ve been involved with, is that I expect a press release to be issued later this evening alerting the media to come to the Vanier Football Complex for a big announcement tomorrow.