Should Josh stay or should he go?

Just spoke with Ron Freeman, Josh’s dad, and he wasn’t real keen on answering any of my questions regarding his son’s looming decision on whether to enter the NFL Draft or remain at Kansas State for his senior season.

“I’m not going to talk about that,” Mr. Freeman said.

There has been chatter that Josh’s dad is in contact with agents, talk that originated before the season began.

Again, Mr. Freeman wasn’t hearing it.

“That’s personal,” he said.

He wasn’t upset. He explained that the timing of all of this was off because his son is still trying to win a couple of games, trying to guide the Wildcats to a bowl game. But once the season is over, the thinking will commence.

“It will be (Josh’s) decision,” Mr. Freeman said.

Earlier this week, Freeman discussed where his head was at.

“You can only focus on one thing,” he said. “You have to focus on the game. The better I play in these last two games, the better my future looks in certain aspects. All you can do is focus on the games and at the end of the year, sit back and see exactly where you are, and move on from there.

“Not really a lot of thought going into it at this time.”

He was then asked if the coaching change might prompt a leap to the NFL.

“I can’t really say that,” Freeman said. “I was committed to Nebraska, and coach (Ron) Prince came along and persuaded me to come here. Whoever ends up getting the job, I’m going to give him a fair shot to see what his offense is all about, to see if it will be worth sticking around and learning.

“I’m going to enter this with an open mind.”