The results don’t change, the comments don’t change.

Kansas State lost to Kansas again. And K-State fans are fed up with Ron Prince again.

But it’s worse now, isn’t it? Thinking about that, something struck me – if Prince had approval ratings, like the president does, it would be undoubtedly at its lowest right now, which I’m not condemning or supporting. The point I’m making is, the perception is out there that he’s not doing his job well.

Is it possible the same thoughts have trickled into his players’ minds? I mean, if everyone insists it’s the case, why wouldn’t the Wildcats suspect the same?

Other than a little spirit before the game, and beyond the chatter during the week, K-State seemed disinterested Saturday, and that’s never a good sign for any coach. In fact, you might say as soon as those thoughts permeate into the roster, it’s a problem, and you might say it’s time for a change.

But what you say probably doesn’t matter in this case.

I don’t know what the administration is going to do. I am a Jon Wefald fan, and this was his hire. Tim Weiser, who has become sort of a scapegoat for some of the ills in the athletic department, did not make this hire. Sure, he was the athletic director, but this became more about Wefald and the new K-State AD, Bob Krause.

And now they have a decision to make. Krause is staying the course, insisting nothing will be done, which is what any athletic director would and should do.

Do you realize we’ve speculating about Prince’s future nearly half of the time he’s been the coach here? Go back and read the comments from this post following last season’s loss in Nebraska.

Not much has changed in a year.

Is this progress?

The Wildcats are in the midst of a three-game losing streak which is almost certain to extend to four this weekend in Columbia. K-State lost four to end 2007, but now, the program has a chance to “top” that, with home games against Nebraska and Iowa State to end the season. Five losses in a row is very realistic, even though the Cornhuskers are mediocre, and if that occurs, think the Wildcats will be up for playing the Cyclones at that point?

The possibilities are endless, and I’m not talking about the schedule.