They knew they weren’t supposed to win.

I thought for a while about how to write that, because it’s different than writing Kansas State’s players knowing they weren’t going to win, and it struck me – there are games this team realizes it has no chance of winning, and then that triggered these thoughts:

How many other times has this happened? How many more times will it happen?

After Saturday’s game, the Wildcats trotted out expressions such as, “We played with them,” or “We were right there.” It was the type of stuff you would have anticipated hearing from North Texas or Montana State had those games been remotely close.

It was a complete mismatch, and K-State was relieved/happy to have been competitive for a quarter and a half. I understand OU is OU, with an array of the best-looking athletes around. I get it.

But if you don’t have those players, how do you get them? By winning. But if you don’t win…

You see what’s happening here? Expectations have been lowered. Less is expected.

There are teams, like OU, that believe all of the games on the schedule can be won. There are teams, like Missouri, that believe enough games on the schedule can be won to win its division. And then there is K-State, a team that hopes enough games on the schedule can be won to reach a bowl game and divert attention away from all that’s going wrong.

And shame on you, the fans, for falling for it if that happens.

You deserve better.