CLOSEUP: Gabby Mayo

From left to right: Gabby Mayo, Daryle McNair, and Brandon Banks. This picture was taken at the 2006 Nike Outdoor Nationals, where Mayo (11.43) and Banks (10.43) both won the 100, and get this – it was on Father’s Day, which is why McNair is in the middle, chillin’.

You can read all about Brandon Banks’ little sister here. She’s amped up to see Brandon – she’s the only one who calls him by his complete first name – since it’s been a while. If anyone is going to the A&M game, bring her some K-State gear. She needs some.

“I talked to him yesterday,” Mayo said Wednesday. “We talk almost every day. He likes it up there.”

Mayo grew up with her mother in Raleigh while Banks and McNair lived in Garner. But Mayo said she was always with Banks and McNair – Raleigh and Garner are separated by about seven miles.

She was always into track, while Banks was just fast, which fueled his interest in the sport. Well, to hear McNair tell the story, Mayo was also a cheerleader at Banks’ Pop Warner football games. But she was as surprised as anyone when Banks won the 2006 Nike Outdoor Nationals in the 100. She finished her race, kept running, and ran right into Banks’ arms, who was wrapping up his race.

“We never talked about it – it just happened,” Mayo said. “He’s a football player. He didn’t think he was going to win, either. Track was just a hobby.”

So imagine her disbelief when she was informed Banks plans to run track at K-State; the junior wide receiver confirmed his intentions to K-Stated last week.

“What? We just talked and he didn’t say anything about it,” Mayo said.

She hasn’t seen her older brother since Christmas. Saturday, she’ll be cheering him on, sitting with her father in K-State’s section, but without any purple to wear. Banks told that he was planning to bring her some K-State gear – hey, Fritch! – and she was even talking a little trash to the A&M secondary about her brother.

Now that’s loyalty.