THE MORNING AFTER – Louisiana-Lafayette

We get it – it’s hard to get a win, you can’t begrudge a victory, etc.

It’s all been said before, maybe too often.

Ask yourself this – how many more games can you see Kansas State winning?

Sure, it’s reasonable to expect a certain amount of improvement and growth from the Wildcats, but it was also reasonable to expect a certain amount of improvement and growth from the season opener against North Texas until yesterday, and have you seen it?

If anything, things have deteriorated, especially on defense. And that was all during the non-conference portion of the schedule. The competition during the next two months is going to be drastically better, and it’s unclear if efforts like yesterday’s against a Sun Belt Conference contender will be enough.

“Big 12, my a$%,” a ULL assistant said following the game. “Damn, that was some a$%-whipping.”

He was being sarcastic, spitting for emphasis. He wasn’t impressed, and neither were a lot of you.

Here’s a hypothetical – let’s say K-State wins six games, but does so in the same manner as Saturday’s performance against the Ragin’ Cajuns. I’m betting it might be embarrassing to some, but I’m also betting some won’t care because of the bottom line – a bowl game – and I firmly believe that is the end goal here.

Winning the North, as Prince and the players parroted during fall camp? With this defense? No chance.

So, again, I’m asking you, and I want legitimate feedback. Can you overlook poor tackling and a lack of fundamentals on defense as long as the offense and special teams picks up the slack and it results in a return to the postseason? If so, has K-State football come to this?