FLIP SIDE: Louisville

My life has gotten a little hectic lately, but I know – you don’t want to hear about it. And I don’t blame you.

This is a little late, but I spaced on putting it on the site. C.L. Brown covers Louisville for the Louisville Courier-Post, and he was kind enough to trade viewpoints on tonight’s game with me. His blog can be found here, but here’s the take he wrote Monday (!) for K-Stated:

Welcome football fans in the Little Apple. I’m typing this entry as one of the 230,000 some Louisvillians who is still without power at home.

In case you haven’t heard, the remnants of Hurricane Ike came through on Sunday with crazy winds (not much rain) knocking down trees,  knocking down power lines, et. al.

No worries though, the stadium is just fine minus the Porta-potties littered silly over the stadium parking lot. Rest assured, they will all be in place for Wednesday night’s Louisville-Kansas State game for those planning on making the trek.

Here’s what to look for from the Cardinals:

CARBON COPY: Like K-State, U of L went to the junior college ranks to fill holes, especially for a defense that was suspect last season. It resulted in Chris Campa, Jon Dempsey and Antwon Canady among the top four linebackers. (True freshman Dexter Heyman has also started.

The Cards use three running backs like the Wildcats. Brock Bolen is the bruiser. Victor Anderson brings the speed. Bilal Powell is more of a combination.

PROPER ENGLISH: Cards defensive coordinator Ron English, formerly of Michigan, has already made a huge difference. In two games, the Cards have allowed just 96 yards rushing. (And don’t be fooled by the 27 points Kentucky scored, two touchdowns came on fumble returns and one came after an interception return to the 7 yard line.)

MORE CANTWELL: U of L senior quarterback Hunter Cantwell made one of his four starts prior to this season in a 23-6 win over Kansas State in 2006. He has quickly developed a favorite target in Doug Beaumont (14 catches, 160 yards) after losing senior receiver Scott Long to a foot injury in fall camp.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Kansas State is without question a pivotal game for the Cards. They aren’t as bad as they played against Kentucky, but the 51-10 Tennessee Tech blowout did not provide a true test. The truth will play out somewhere in the middle four quarters on Wednesday night. In the preseason I picked a K-State win. But I think the Cards are playing with a little more urgency now. My pick U of L 20, K-State 17.

(Soundtrack — Power: “I’ve got the Power,” Snap; Ike: “Proud Mary,” Ike and Tina Turner; knocking: “Kick in the Door,” Notorious BIG.)