Kenny Boynton

He’s a 6-foot-3 two-guard who just guided Team Breakdown to the title at the just-concluded Reebok Summer Championships in Las Vegas. He’s electric, described as fearless, and he’s supposedly interested in Kansas State.

This is Kenny Boynton, a Pompano Beach, Fla., native who attends American Heritage High School in Plantation, Fla.

Props to the Las Vegas Sun for the following Sunday passage:

Boynton said he’s interested in Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Duke, Texas, Memphis and Southern California.

He plans to make a decision during the early-signing period in the fall and was blunt when asked if fans should read into him mentioning Kansas State first.

“They can read into it,” said Boynton, smiling. “I’m looking at them real good.”

kennyboynton7_23150.JPGEarlier, I consulted my buddy Jeff Goodman, whose outstanding daily work for can be found here. This was his text message on the subject of what he knew K-State was doing this summer:

“Nada about K-State… Except they may be in a little with Boynton.”

Reports on (No. 8 in 2009) and ESPN’s Scouts, Inc. (No. 3) confirm his interest in the Wildcats. Of course, there’s also the likes of Duke, Texas, Memphis and Florida to contend with, and we all know K-State has lost these battles before.

Remember Kenny Kadji? Of course, you do.

But now? Has Frank Martin done enough to tilt the balance of power? Are Martin’s connections in Florida strong enough to land such a coveted recruit? Was the one-year presence of Michael Beasley enough to change a top-tier prospect’s perception of Manhattan?

I’m asking, so I’d appreciate some responses. Hopefully I’ll be talking to Boynton in the coming days.