Once again, it’s on

Nothing remotely self-congratulatory about this post, but after yet another of my unexcused absences – in your minds, anyway – this blog has resumed its regularly scheduled programming.

Not much to report, though.

- A series of text messages with Kansas State sports information director Kenny Lannou revealed the following tidbits:

1. Even with junior running back Leon Patton pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of theft last week in Pottawatomie County Court, his indefinite suspension continues.

2. The physically unable to perform test that has gotten so much mileage in past years is scheduled for tonight, but there were plans – as of this afternoon – to make the results public until report day, which is Sunday, Aug. 3. Fall camp officially opens the next day.

- As for “Da Teen Party of the Yr” that Kwamaine “Bubba” Brown seems to be committed to – or so the flier suggests – I was puzzled by the Aug. 9 timing, which would coincide with – gasp! – media day at The Bill. Meanwhile, the rest of you, are simply wondering if the Florida phenom is simply going to make it to Manhattan.


No idea. I tried calling the number listed – it’s (407) 791-3832, and ask for Keem Dawg, if you’re interested – for clues at least seven times and no one ever answered.

But if you’re in Kissimmee on the 9th, remember – doors open at 9, and it’s $5 for ladies before 10.

- And, because I was once a target of his ire but have since won him over (I think), I’m linking to another K-State blog with a particularly interesting essay/take. He’s wondering if Ron Prince is on the hot seat this season, which a lot of national writers have suggested, which leaves me realizing national media really aren’t plugged in as much as you’d think. The short and accurate answer is “no, he’s not,” and there isn’t much debate. Write it down: there is little, if any, chance Prince doesn’t see Year 4. It’s Jon Wefald’s last year as president, Bob Krause’s first year… that would be too much bloodshed for both men in their respective situations. Can’t see it happening. And besides, Krause seems VERY supportive of Prince.