On Mike

How much of a decision is there to make when millions are on the line? More than you think.

Of course, Mike is going to take the money. Who wouldn’t? But he knows the money will be there whenever he decides he’s ready. And he’s not sure that time is now.

I’ve had extensive conversations with his mother – I think you guys know her by now – and the best way to describe Mike’s mind-state was, in Ms. Smith’s words, “one foot in, one foot out.” I don’t think this was a foregone conclusion like many suggest it was.

Again, with millions on the line – yeah, it’s a pretty easy decision for you or me. But barring a catastrophic injury – but even then, as Dalonte Hill told me weeks ago, Kenyon Martin broke his leg in the Conference USA tournament but was still the No. 1 pick in the 2000 NBA Draft just months later – the money will always be there.

And those crucifying Frank Martin for saying he expects Mike to leave are ridiculous. We all expect him to leave – why should Frank be any different? And if something – God Forbid – were to happen to Mike, it would be on Martin’s watch. Something tells me Frank doesn’t want to take that chance.

It’s hokey, sure, but Mike loves K-State. You’re tired of reading it, I’m tired of writing it, but it’s true. And when was the last time he remained in one place – with his family – for more than one year? There are a lot of compelling reasons why he might return, but in reality, there are millions why he won’t.