Tyree won’t be at K-State

At least that’s what he told me Sunday night. I asked him if the Wildcats were still in the picture, especially with his coach at Motlow State being so tight with Matt Figger, and he said, “I ain’t going there, though.”

Evans said he might decide this week, and it’s down to Arizona or Maryland.

Here’s where his comments might prove revealing. I’m going to post something tomorrow about my thoughts on the Beasley decision – and believe me, he’s struggling with this more than people want to believe – but I asked Tyree why he wouldn’t be going to K-State.

“I’m not going to have any help there,” he said.

As for my absence, well, I apologize. I was pulled into KU coverage. It was rather time-consuming. Some of you missed me, and I appreciate the sentiment. As for the rest of you… I have a call into Montrell McDonald. I believe Awaji is Manhattan right now. As for the Hewitt/Georgia Tech talk, my sources tell me the Yellow Jackets are taking a wait-and-see approach with Awaji, not sure if he’s ACC-caliber. Hmmm…