Mama Sayz (03/24)

It’s about time, isn’t it? And it looks like she has enlisted a ghostwriter — her daughter, Mychaela, begins this week’s entry. You’ve been waiting to hear what “Mama Sayz,” and here it is. Don’t forget to read until the end, though. And I’ll do an end-of-the-season “Post Mortem” later this afternoon…

Hey, its Mychaela! Unfortunately you wont be hearing from my mother since somehow she got me to write the blog this week. Had a bit of a writer’s block but I guess I’ll start from here…


Last Sunday we went to Zuckey Bowl and had a party for my little brother Malik. And of course, Mike and a few of the other players had come to join. I had a lot of fun, especially watching my mother attempt to bowl. Michael cheated most of the time because of the simple fact that his score wasn’t higher than everyone else’s. But in the end, we all enjoyed ourselves. And a secret that I bet no one else knows is that Jacob Pullen is a very good bowler…

I finally received my learner’s permit earlier this week. I was so excited to come home and show my mother and the rest of the family. But I think they are a little afraid of me driving after having to teach me how to ride my scooter. I think that’s why Dymond has been putting off giving me lessons. But don’t worry, I’ll learn…


As you all know, on Friday we took a trip to Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament. Malik and I weren’t able to watch the game in the gym. But we did get to find out what college basketball is really like by visiting the College Basketball Experience. I actually had a good time for a person who doesn’t enjoy playing the sport at all. I participated in my first 3-point shootout, which actually wasn’t that bad.

Spring break started and I was so ready for it. My uncle came to town for the tournament, but since our trip got cut short he came to Manhattan to see how we were doing since we left the East coast. So we showed him around our little town and, of course, my mother had to take him past the K-State Super Store (as she does with all our visitors)

I made another trip back to Kansas City Sunday morning to pick up my cousin Jakira. She’s a bit younger than me but every time we get together the party begins. Like yesterday – we took another trip to the bowling alley. And it was so much fun. I actually invited Malik to tag along with me and my friends. But who knows what we have planned for the rest of the week.

(J-MART NOTE: But hold on, just when things were going smoothly…)

Well, folks, I thought I was going to be too busy to do a blog this week with everything going on as far as the tournament. Since Mychaela has been wanting try out her skills, I asked her if she wanted to give it a try and she leaped at the opportunity… Not too bad, but we all must remember that this is “Mama Sayz”! Let me just elaborate on the topics that she touched on…


Yes, we did celebrate Malik’s 10th birthday with a party at Zuckey Bowl in Manhattan. It actually almost didn’t happen because of the long drive back from the Iowa State game. The only thing that kept me driving was imagining the disappointed look on Malik’s face, and the thought of him complaining once again that “I’m not meeting his back-seat-driver.JPGneeds…” So I pushed on. My XM radio failed me so I was left with scanning the AM frequencies, looking for a sports channel of some sort so I could listen to the North Carolina-Duke game. All I couldall-i-need-is.JPG find was some high school games and another station talking about politics – YUCK! So my ride was even longer because Malik and Tiffany were in the back of the car playing video games and watching DVDs with their headphones on. To avoid being in total silence, I just listened to Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott & Beyonce, my favorite trio of female singers, all the way home.

Waking up the next morning, I felt robbed! Getting home after midnight and losing an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, I was really not in the mood for anything butter-cream.JPGoutside of the house but I suddenly remembered that I ordered a yellow sheet birthday cake with butter cream icing – my favorite, by the way – and that was all the motivation I needed. So after everyone was ready, we were off to Zuckey Bowl to get our party on! We had two lanes – one for Malik and the birthday party kids that had bumpers on the sides and one for the rest of us who didn’t need the bumpers – or so I thought! Lil’ Mike started complaining from the very beginning. First that his shoes didn’t fit right, next was, “Why is my name listed as Lil’ Mike when I’m bigger than Big Mike?” and then he wanted to know why the little kids get to have bumpers when they clearly didn’t need them – not more than he did, anyway. And to top it off, when he realized that he was the worst person listed on our side, he decided to even things up by cheating… When it was Jake’s turn to bowl, Lil’ Mike would roll a ball down the lane to knock Jake’s ball. When Dymond or Ron Anderson took a turn, Mike would come fromron-pleading-with-da-cheater.JPG behind and bump into them or pull on the opposite arm. I had to bowl by looking over my shoulder because Lil’ Mike just wouldn’t lose by himself. He even marched all the way down to the pins to throw a ball and even though he knocked a few pins over it didn’t register because the lane sensors detected a CHEATER on the premises. Even though Mychaela tried to make a joke about my bowling, she definitely doesn’t know what she was talking about because I do recall getting a couple of strikes and some spares. All in all it was a lot of fun just to hang out with the kids even though we couldn’t figure out won the game but we could definitely tell who LOST!


Yeah, Mychaela came home with the slip of paper stating that she can go to DMV to obtain a learner’s permit… Well, let’s just say that I folded it up and tucked it into my wallet for safe keeping. That’s one adventure that I’m not too eager to tackle at this point. For her 16th birthday, we got her a cute little pink motor scooter that she has ridden maybe three times. And when we had to teach her how to ride that, whewww! Let’s just put it this way… BIKE FOR SALE! (lol!)


By now, we all know the outcome of the Big 12 Tournament. We were in, then we were out! Enough said. Since we didn’t have enough tickets for our entire group of people to attend the Texas A&M game, we decided to rotate by letting Mychaela and Malik go to the CBE. Mychaela brought her camera but neglected to remember the battery, which was back in Manhattan charging so their memories were not captured. During Saturday’s game, Calvin and Tiffany were going to try to find some tickets to make room for Mychaela and Malik. Well, that plan was cut short by DeAndre (Jordan) and the TAMU gang… Oh well, better luck next year!

We headed back to Manhattan Saturday morning and brought one of my baby brothers, Arty, and his girlfriend, Keysha, back home with us. They came in for the Big 12 Tournament and decided what the heck, let’s head west. Yeah, I did my usual just as Kayla stated. We hit the GTM store. Why not? Everyone wants to represent K-State and what better place is there to find the latest purple fashions? They stayed overnight and I made breakfast in the morning. Since it was Keysha’s birthday, I suggested getting a yellow cake with butter cream icing (imagine that!) and by disguising it with “Happy Birthday Keysha” no one would ever know it was really for me! I thought that was really clever, if I must say so myself…


If anyone ever saw me with Arty, they would have to do a double take. He’s about 5-foot-3 and I’m 5-foot-11. He gets all of that height from our mother, who is a whopping 5-foot-1. Go figure. Growing up, he used to get so mad because I was taller than him, mostly because he loves basketball with a passion. But I couldn’t help it if he fell in the wrong end of the gene pool. He’s the family compact giant… LOL!

kira.jpgWell, I still have one house guest. My niece Jakira is in town visiting for spring break. For someone visiting for only a week, her bags look as full as they did when she came out here for the summer to keep Mychaela company. I need to check to make sure that my other brother Johnny did purchase a round-trip ticket… But it’s all good. I love to have her over any time because she occupies Mychaela. Oh, and by the way… There’s no partying going on… Hope you’re reading this, Kayla – NO PARTYING!

O.K., I’m going to reply to a few comments this week so here we go…

FROM: Nick
WHEN: March 7, 2008

I believe the rumors that go around are started by KU people hoping to get you and Mike frustrated enough to leave KSU! KU fears Mike, as well as they should, so it is great seeing them shake in their boots. Anyway, I think in 3 years when Mike is done with college and goes to the NBA you should keep doing “Mama Sayz” so that we can hear about his NBA stories. I don’t like the NBA but I will definitely follow his career and the careers of the rest of the Wildcats! Go State!

Rumors are just that… rumors. Some people live for them and others get hurt by them. I take them for what they are worth, which is nothing! At the least they can be entertaining, I guess. Don’t worry, I plan on writing “Mama Sayz” for quite a long time, with some changes later down the line…

FROM: Damaris
WHEN: March 7, 2008

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the KSU basketball players, coaches and staff as well as the great KSU fans we met while in Manhattan. Max, Grace and I really appreciated the warm welcome we got and loved being part of Senior Night.
Go Cats!

Damaris, you sound like you’re getting a little SENTIMENTAL! Quit it! LOL! I’m glad you and the kids enjoyed yourselves… Come back anytime, really…

FROM: Alan
WHEN: March 7, 2008

Mrs. Smith,
Thank you for sharing your time and treasure with us in Manhattan, Kansas. It has been a tremendous experience for my family and I to watch Mike play ball in Bramlage for the past few months. Whatever next year holds, we hope that it works out best for you and your entire family.

I wanted to catch Mike after the Colorado game; but know it has to get tiring having to sign your name endlessly. Having said that – sorry this is coming – is there any way I could get Mike to sign a card for my daughter – she wants to take it to show-and-tell — and sign her dad’s #30 KSU jersey – he wants to hang it on his wall forever — ??? Sorry, I shouldn’t have waited until the last game to try and I know the both of you have a TON on your plate without worrying about stuff like this. If it’s not possible, don’t worry… We won’t forget watching him play this season, and we thank you and your family for sharing that with us.

I am sorry that you didn’t get the opportunity to meet Lil’ Mike personally. Try contacting the basketball office to see if it is willing to set up an end of the season autograph signing for ALL of the players… Just a suggestion, not a promise.

FROM: Marcus
WHEN: March 7, 2008

This is the first time I’ve read a “Mama Sayz” segment. It is a powerful reflection on why Lil’ Mike is the kind of person that people like to be around. It’s obvious that Mama’s family is her No. 1 passion. Mrs. Smith, you are a wonderful role model. It’s no accident that your kids have turned out to be the citizens that they are. Stand up and take a bow. You deserve it!

Now, I’m going to blush! No, seriously, I consider it a honor to share my family with everyone and to be appreciated for doing something such as taking care of your family makes it so worth it.

FROM: Kato Tarver
WHEN: March 8, 2008

Just wanted give you kudos (!!!) on the great job you’re doing with your blog. I read it all, and the stories are warming and hilarious as anyone knowing would expect. It’s great to see you and the family having fun in the Little Apple.

Where have you been? My contact information is still the same… Reach out. I hope that you are doing well and I’m glad that you are reading “Mama Sayz.”

FROM: KSUfan4ever
March 14, 2008

Hi there! I’m new to your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your family. Being a K-State student I’ve always enjoyed football season but your son has made me a HUGE basketball fan! It’s always great to see you and your family supporting Mike at the games, too. But I was wondering… What kind of camera do you have? I’m looking for a new one and yours takes great pictures. Thanks! GO STATE!

Welcome aboard! I love my camera, too! I got it from Best Buy (with the two-year accidental warranty plan, I should add). It is called the Panasonic Lumix. It has 28mm wide angle lens and – get this – it zooms 10x. I love this camera. I take some great shots of the Wildcat bench from our seats at Bramlage, which are right near the tunnel entrance. Love it, love it, love it! I barely am caught without it… That’s why the guys in the basketball department call me the PAPARAZZI!

And we’re back, NCAA Tournament, Omaha-style!

I know this is an extremely long entry but since I haven’t submitted to J-Mart yet (I know he would have held it hostage anyway because he is busy with tournament stuff… What nerve!) I figured I’d add a few more things to it while sitting by the pool watching Tiffany and Malik pretend they are pirates.


I don’t know why but the true impact of the win over USC has fully hit me yet. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great win and with that being said, it’s always good to see the guys in purple pull out a “W.” There were so many people there to support both teams but, of course, the purple drowned out the crimson red. It was still no different then a win at 1st-song-of-the-dance.JPGBramlage. Now I feel as though I’m being held hostage in Omaha because there is not much for me to do here… Boy, do I miss Manhattan! That is familiar territory for me. I just like being able to know where I’m going without my GPS. I want to be able to lounge in my bed without someone asking me to leave so that they can make up the bed that I’m going to get right back into. What’s the purpose? Why couldn’t we have another game today like they used to do when Lil’ Mike played AAU ball with the D.C. Assault? Oh well, the NCAA makes the rules and all we can do is live by them, right? I wish I could find a mall here with a shoe store so I could buy some some cute little red pumps, click my heels and magically return to Manhattan… There’s no place like home!

This morning the kids and I had breakfast with Luke (Winn) from S.I. and I must say that they were on their best behavior. So fortunately I don’t have any food fight stories for you.

I’ve been keeping in touch with Monica Smith-Malone, mother of Duke’s Nolan Smith, and Kim Jordan, mother of Texas A&M’s DeAndre Jordan, throughout the game by text messaging so that we could know what’s going on with our boys’ games. We all had nail-biters but we all came out on top. Yeah! To be perfectly honest, I love the rush you get when the games are so close and at the very last second when the final buzzer rings and we are the WINNERS! There’s nothing like it.

Well, after reading the local papers and surfing the internet I think I’m going to drag mymy-buddy-ms-pullen.JPG two pirates out of the pool and look for the Pullens and hang out a little bit. So I’m going to end this for now. Oh, before I go, I need to know from EVERYONE if you want me to continue blogging after the basketball season is over. I mean, I don’t want to interfere with other sports and maybe another parent of another sport would like take the torch. (J-MART NOTE: Oh, I don’t think we’re going to be doing this with anyone else.) Just throwing that out there. If so, I will and I’ll provide that e-mail address I mentioned in an earlier “Mama Sayz.”

Oh, one more thing, I want to say thanks to one of my co-workers. Without her, this NCAA run through Omaha might not have been possible. You see, Mrs. Judy Thoman and her husband Del were able to baby-sit my precious little Ss. Thanks so much, Judy, and NO, you can’t keep my puppy, no matter how cute she is! LOL!


OK, that’s all (as if it wasn’t enough) from Ms. Smith for today. I wanted to pass along that she is having a nodule on her thyroid removed today at 1:30 p.m. at Manhattan Mercy. She doesn’t seem too concerned about it, but she doesn’t want visitors. But if you wanted to send a card, or flowers, I’m guessing she’d be cool with that.