Post-mortem, No. 6 USC (03/21)

I called it. Yep, I’m that guy. Seriously, I told some of the veteran writers gathered here in Omaha that I thought K-State would win by double figures. Did I think that would happen? Nah. But I knew they’d practiced hard and they were believing in themselves and their ability to win a couple of games – at the least – in this tournament.

Best performance I’ve seen by the Cats. And while I don’t think they need to duplicate that tomorrow against No. 3 Wisconsin, they need to play with the same energy and effort to be successful… and I think they will.

Haven’t spoken with my Dad today, but he’s all fired up about Ron Anderson. Heck, Ron Anderson is fired up with Ron Anderson. I thought the freshmen were tremendous. That tired adage about freshmen no longer being freshmen rang true last night.

All that said, I thought hitting 3s and rebounding was the difference.

Funny story about rebounding: I was talking to director of basketball operations Andy Assaley – one of the best guys in the business, just a fantastic guy – and trainer Scott Greenawalt – one of the most intense guys in the business. I offered congratulations, and Assaley pointed to the rebounding totals – 44 to 27. He nodded towards Greenawalt and said, “That’s because of him.” I laughed, but I could tell they were serious so I stopped. Assaley said, “Last year, when we lost and were out-rebounded, Huggs would let Scott have it.” Greenawalt said, “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep for three days afterwards… There were times I wanted to fight Huggs.” Ah, Huggs… None of this is possible, you know, without Bob Huggins. Sorry to rain on the parade, but give credit where it’s due. But make no mistake – Frank has been tremendous.