Daily Archives: March 21, 2008

Stuff (03/21)

Not much stuff, but I spent some time with Dalonte today:

- He said the guys have just as much energy as Thursday night – “People talking, and we’re going hard, not settling for half-ass effort” – and he said Jacob Pullen was exceptional Friday at practice. File that away…

- Here was his take on Wisconsin’s Joe Krabbenhoft, a 6-foot-7 junior forward: “Their 3-man is a 6-foot-7 kid who competes, plays hard, brings a lot of energy, always attacking – he’s their glue guy. We’re trying to tell our guys there might be a chance you get caught up on him because they run a lot of that swing-motion action, and you might get caught on a switch, and you have to be ready to face, box and just keep him, deny him from going to the glass.”

- They’re a loose, loose bunch.

Post-mortem, No. 6 USC (03/21)

I called it. Yep, I’m that guy. Seriously, I told some of the veteran writers gathered here in Omaha that I thought K-State would win by double figures. Did I think that would happen? Nah. But I knew they’d practiced hard and they were believing in themselves and their ability to win a couple of games – at the least – in this tournament.

Best performance I’ve seen by the Cats. And while I don’t think they need to duplicate that tomorrow against No. 3 Wisconsin, they need to play with the same energy and effort to be successful… and I think they will.

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