Figured that’d get your attention. And really, it’s little more than a tease, just a way to tell you that the Eagle has launched a new blog for the NCAA Tournament called “Posting Up.” This weekend, Levi should be providing most of the content and it can be found here.

OK, I won’t leave you high and dry like that. I spoke with Mr. Evans, who was either at the hospital or on the way there to be with a friend. I know this because he told me that’s why he had to get off the phone for about five minutes. He did say he’d call me back, but we’ll see.

Here’s the unofficial transcript of the conversation:

Me: The season is over and you told me you’d be making decisions soon. What’s the deal?

TE: I still don’t know, man.

Me: Is K-State an option?

TE: Yeah, K-State is interested.

Me: How can you be sure?

TE: They were at my conference championship. (But you already knew this because you read “K-Stated.”) But they can’t contact me.

Me: Then how do you know? How do you know any schools are interested?

TE: They let my coach know. They call him… I think I got offers from Arizona, Tennessee, Florida State, UNC-Charlotte and Mississippi State.

And then he was gone. By the way, Evans and the Motlow State Bucks fell a game short of a trip to Hutch with a 61-57 loss to Walters State. Evans was held to 11 points on 4-of-20 shooting. Ouch. On the plus side, he was named Eastern Division Player of the Year and co-Conference Player of the Year.

Still waiting for that call… If he calls back, I’ll update this post. Got any questions?