Dalonte on recruiting

Just finished talking with Dalonte Hill. I always like my conversations with him as it’s easy to see why he’s so effective as a recruiter.

Anyway, I asked him if the perception of Mike Beasley leaving for the NBA was helping or hindering recruiting:

“Most guys assume he’s leaving. But that wasn’t the biggest question about us. It was, could we coach? I think 20 wins, third in the Big 12 answers that… Nobody realized how young we were. Look at Syracuse, Florida… We’ve always been able to coach. Check with anyone who knows us.

“We’ve proven people wrong. People are starting to believe that we’re going to have success.”

Then he said something remarkable – at least to me.

“We’ve been getting e-mails from people who want to play for us,” said Hill, adding they were unsolicited but also from kids off the staff’s radar. “After the A&M loss, we must have gotten at least 20 e-mails from people who want to play our style, play for us.”

He credited exposure in the Big 12 Tournament as well as the new Nike uniforms.