Post-mortem, Texas A&M (03/16)

My parents are bummed. You probably are, too.

Me? I’m not surprised.

I didn’t anticipate the run ending so abruptly, but in some ways, it was deserved. The Wildcats are a mess right now. Have a theory as to what’s wrong? Good – because I’ve run out of theories.

Is K-State standing around and watching Mike too much? No idea. Have the Wildcats lost their confidence? No clue.

All I know is, in times like these, it’s usually a matter of will. Is the will there right now? It wasn’t last night. Coaches – Bob Huggins used to always say this last year – tell their players that while they may miss shots, only they can control effort. And effort affects rebounding and defense, right? And isn’t that what seems to be plaguing K-State right now?

Perhaps that’s too simplistic. I don’t know. Seriously – I’m seeking answers. I know you all want to vent, so give me some explanations.