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DeAndre Jordan…

Guess it was reported on television he was out with food poisoning – that’s what K-State assistant coach Brad Underwood told me as well. Imagine my surprise as I walked out of the Sprint Center and, while waiting for the media shuttle, I saw him being wheeled in a gurney to an ambulance. A woman I presume to be his mother was close behind, a look of concern on her face. Not speculating here – just telling you what I saw. Jordan looked uncomfortable on the gurney.

OK, that’s all of the information I’ve got.

Marty Blake

I just met Marty Blake. What an unbelievable man. If you don’t know who he is, his Web site bills him as “legendary basketball executive and scout,” and trust me, that ain’t doing the man justice.

The stories he had to tell…

Of course, me being me, I asked if he’d seen Mike yet. Seeing as how he arranges invites for the nation’s top under-appreciated senior talent to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament and then to Chicago or Orlando, wherever the NBA’s pre-draft camp is now held. Orlando, I think.

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A Sprint through March… A March to the Sprint?

Couldn’t decide so I went with both. I’ll let you all be the judges.

Here’s the view from my seat:

sprint view

Plush digs, right?  OK, Missouri vs. Nebraska, 1st half:

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And there’s one

CBSSports.com – or cbs.sportsline.com, or whatever its calling itself these days – got it right Thursday, in my opinion. The Web site named Michael Beasley its National Player of the Year, as well as National Freshman of the Year and a first-team All-American.

I half-heartedly argued Mike’s case in this piece for foxsports.com, and the hate mail from the pro-Tyler Hansbrough crowd mounted in a hurry. It was staggering in its volume. It was also impressive. This means a lot to Carolinians – is that the term? – and if it means that much, they should have it then. Seriously. It’s really not that big of a deal.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m in K.C., and they’ve done a nice job with the Sprint Center since December. As an aside, Jeff Bzdelik is a genius. And if you’re not here – and even if you are – check out “K-Stated” later tonight for my evening updates. They won’t be in real time, but I promise they’ll be snarky. I like the snark. Or I like to snark. Whatever. You get the idea.