Post-mortem, Iowa State (03/09)

What struck me most after Saturday’s victory was how much these guys believe they’re about to go on a run. Now, a cynic could point out that K-State hasn’t looked very good in its last two games, even if the results were victories. Valid point, but the Wildcats don’t care.

I realized getting right was important against Colorado, so the final margin didn’t bother me. But yesterday, I was floored by the fact that, after losing five in a row on the road, with all of the baggage that must come along with that, K-State was able to go to Hilton Coliseum and win – despite getting a combined 24 points from Mike and Bill.

Jake Pullen suggested something is brewing here – and after what he did yesterday, you should listen. The Wildcats weren’t perfect yesterday – not even close. They still haven’t played a complete 40 minutes since defeating KU in Manhattan. But you had to be encouraged by the contributions from guys like DK (who looked fluid and strong with his post moves, didn’t he?), Ron Anderson (even though he botched a bunny late), and especially Dominique Sutton, who simply needs to be on the floor and be disruptive. The Wildcats are a better defensive team when he’s out there.

Who knows what is going to happen next weekend. But I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wildcats lost in the quarterfinals Friday – an 8:20 p.m. start? What a mess, but there will be cocktails consumed afterwards – or won the whole thing.

My friend from Des Moines wondered if Iowa State has provided the blueprint in how to defend Mike and Bill, and I laughed. If teams want to commit to gimmick defenses, I think Frank believes his guards are at the point now that they will take advantage of such a situation. I know Jake believes that – he was speaking hypothetically after the game about the perception that the Wildcats are just Mike and Bill, and he said after they leave (whenever that is, he stressed), people will say K-State doesn’t have any bigs because the guards are going to take over.

He’s a confident kid, and that’s exactly what you need at this time of the year.

March has already been interesting, and it just started. We’re about to get to the good stuff…