Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

The racket over a bracket…

I wish I had the patience and the brain-power to figure these things out. But I don’t. It’s sad, really. But I my buddy Dave Curtis, who covers the Florida Gators for the Orlando Sentinel, gave it crack yesterday, and I was impressed. You can view his work here.

Meanwhile, the sports staff here at the Eagle concocted our own March Madness of sorts. The official title is “The State of Basketball,” and the explanation can be found here. Today’s match-up is No. 1 Kansas vs.  No.5 Alabama, and voting can be conducted here.

That’s a lot of heres, I know…

If you spot Riles in K.C…

Tell him you love his slick faux-mullet or whatever his hairstyle is.

Pat Riley, the coach/president of the Miami Heat, is expected to “to miss one or two” of his team’s games in the coming weeks because he plans to take in various bracket_riley.jpgNCAA conference tournaments.

“I’ll be flying in and out,” he told the Associated Press.

You can bet he’ll be flying into MCI next week, and he won’t be alone. At the Big 12 Tournament, he’d be able to take in not only Mike, the almost certain No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft he decides to come out (wink, wink), but OU’s Blake Griffin, a likely lottery pick should he forgo his remaining three seasons, as well as Texas A&M’s DeAndre Jordan, another likely lottery selection.

Is South Beach ready for Sponge Bob Square Pants? And vice versa?