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K-State vs. Colorado (03/04)

FINAL, KSU, 78-72

Driveway shooter connects on a 3, and it’s down to 8 again. K-State can’t seem to finish these guys. A Roby layup slashes the lead to six with 1:26 left. Mike makes a pair, and he has 31 points and 14 rebounds. Roby answers with 42.3 seconds left. The Wildcats hold on, and Beasley and Co. take a victory (goodbye?) lap around the Fred afterwards. Not particularly impressive, but as Frank later says, it’s a much-needed win. ‘Nuff said.

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My take, Colorado (03/04) – with “B-Mart”

Before I move on to how I see tonight unfolding, here’s my Pop’s take on the Kansas game:

Hi, PowerCat Nation. Just getting back home, really enjoyed the atmosphere at the game Saturday night. I thought K-State got some bad calls in the first two minutes of the game. The timeliness of the calls was the difference-maker. Sure, they called fouls against KU, but most of the calls against KU were when ths game was out of reach.The calls against K-State , specifically Beasley and Walker, set the tone for at least three quarters of the first half. The first three minutes of the second half were called the same as the first three minutes of the first half – no fouls were called against KU and the KU guards were allowed to wrestle the ball from K-State’s guards without penalty. I think K-State’s guards were partly responsible by not making themselves wide enough, which allowed KU ‘s guards the opportunity to come over their shoulders and just wrestle the ball away. Also, the four position must be more consistent. His average would have kept the game in hand. 

Solid analysis, but hey, I’m biased.

As for tonight, it’s Senior Night. K-State needs a win, and Richard Roby is kind of soft. I like the Wildcats BIG. I think a victory more or less sews up no less than the No. 4 seed in the Big 12 Tournament. This year, I think the four seed from the No. 2 conference in the country – according to RPI – yields a NCAA Tournament berth.


Mike on “Best Damn Sports Show Period”

No. 30 will be a guest on Wednesday’s episode of the Fox Sports Net show. Locally, it can be seen at 8 p.m. in Kansas and Nebraska (it will be preempted in K.C.), 10 p.m. in K.C., Kansas and Nebraska, and 11 o.m. in the entire FSN Midwest, FSN K.C. and FSN Indiana.

Besides Beasley, the other guests include Gary Payton and Torii Hunter.