Post-mortem, Texas (02/26)

Texas is a fine club. No shame in that loss. But within the context of what is currently happening – three straight losses with Kansas on deck – it might have been catastrophic.

I still believe the Wildcats are in the NCAA Tournament, but they’re about to scale the bubble. It’s the reality, folks. Will victories against Colorado and Iowa State to close the regular season be enough? Who knows?

No point in dwelling on Bill Walker. This is who he is – a highly emotional, charged athlete who is fantastic when he’s on and downright dreadful when he’s not. But that’s OK.

This team just needs something positive to happen. The whole month of February has been a drag for the Wildcats. Maybe March will be different.

As for the giving up the lead with Mike on the bench arguments, he tires late in every game. Look it up – they all do. I’m not suggesting they’re out of shape or anything like that. But the physical strain is taking a toll – and so is losing.

I haven’t had many issues with how Frank has handled this team this season, but last night’s comments about K-State’s youth and how proud he’s been of his guys sounded almost like a concession speech. I know it’s not in his nature to quit, but man…

Something positive needs to happen or it will be a NIT appearance for this team. I never thought I’d have to type those three letters this year, but I just did.