K-State at Baylor (02/23)

I’ve just been alerted that Mike already has his season average. Aaron Bruce missed a pair of free throws? Consider me shocked. Frank is floored by the sequence he just witnessed – an awful series where it seemed neither team wanted the ball. The Mayor missed a free throw after being fouled on a dunk. Dan Beebe, Tim Weiser’s new boss, is in the house. Howard Richman, sitting to my right, said, “Tim Weiser could be the next commissioner of the Big 12.” Thoughts? Mike just picked up a tacky one before the half. He’s got the Big 12 record for points in a half. I told H.R. he’d get 44. I think I shot low.

2:49 left in 1st half, KSU, 39-35
Body language can be revealing – it’s another long day for Luis Colon. This isn’t the type of game where his “skills” – namely his length and bulk – translate. But Mike’s do – he’s got 18 with 6:12 left in the half. And Bill’s got 11. Still, K-State can’t shake the Bears, who are pesky. Are Bears supposed to be pesky? Usually, they maul. On the court, this is a man’s game. Bill is doling out some punishment. Oh, Mike – what a flush. He’s on a different level tonight, which is frustrating one girl in the Bear Pit. “He’s scoring all of their points,” she keeps saying. “If you take away those two players, they have one point,” she adds. She’s right, of course. But until the Bears can do anything about it, why would K-State stop going to them? That’s low BBIQ. Mike is working these guys over. He’s got 26 with 2:49 left.

7:59 left in 1st half, 25-25
One of Baylor’s assistant coaches just berated a towel boy for not wiping off a wet spot on the floor. “Pay attention,” he snapped at the kid. Never mind that this assistant was on the floor when he said this, or that he looked kind of pathetic as he said it. With 8:24 left, someone besides Mike or Bill finally scored for K-State – Stew hit one of two free throws. Have to love Scott Drew – he just asked the official who called a blocking foul on one of guys who was attempting to cover Mike, “Are you sure about the call?” Think an official has ever replied, “No, I’m not.” Actually, it’s probably happened.

9:33 left in 1st half, BU, 24-20
These students are hilarious. Not in a “ha-ha” funny sense, but in an odd way. They’re upset at the fact that Mike keeps making shots, or the fact that he’s got 11 points in less than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, the Bears are right there. They’re fun to watch, and the pace is kind of frenetic. Scott Drew just barked at Delbert Simpson, who was just swatted by Mike, to “dunk that!” All momentum with BU right now. As the kids in the Bear Pit say, as Dunn drains a 3, “a little Lace in your face.”

14:59 left in 1st half, KSU, 12-5
Bill is focused, man. He just nailed a 3. There is no wireless on the court – or the signal is incredibly weak – so I’ll be posting at halftime and postgame. Word.

6:45 p.m.
We – the media – are unofficial members of the Bear Pit. There’s a kid wearing a green kilt, sunglasses and a black cap. They’re all wearing those green and yellow striped shirts. I’m reminded of the person who wrote into my Q&A and said, “Kansas State basketball – a tradition since 2006” or something like that. I wonder how much of a ruckus these kids can cause, and I wonder if it might affect K-State in any way. I’m doubtful, but then again, that’s how I felt Wednesday, too. Baylor’s alma mater is being played, and everyone is standing with their claw extended – everyone but the Wildcats, who continue to shoot jumpers and throw up reverse layups. Blake Young has a disgusted look on his face. It makes me laugh. Plenty of good seats available minutes before the opening tip. In other completely unrelated news, Scott Drew is a sharp-dressed man.