One day, I’ll get to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. For now, I’ll have to settle for the following dispatch from  NFLDraftScout.com senior analyst Rob Rang, a certified F.O.K-S.(Friend of K-Stated). He’s there for the festivities, and he took some time from a riveting day of non-action to answer this week’s “Five,” which includes what he’s heard about Kansas State invitees Tim Reyer, Justin McKinney and Jordy Nelson.

1. When did you get in? What’s it like?

I arrived Wednesday night. I had a six-hour layover in Chicago… There is one room (for media) that is completely filled, but then they opened up another room that is four times as big, and all but 15 spaces are filled. It’s crazy. This is my fourth or fifth year, and every year it’s gotten bigger… There are no televisions in the rooms. You may know what times (prospects) run before we’ll know because you can watch on television. I don’t know if they’re going to bring in televisions or what, but right now, no televisions… None of the fun stuff has started yet. The offensive linemen did the bench press — I don’t have the numbers. I know specialists have worked out, but I didn’t get your message until after I found out. I asked who stood out, and Tim (Reyer) wasn’t mentioned. And that’s not a bad thing — as you long as you don’t draw too much negative attention, that’s fine. There are only going to be a limited number of punters drafted, anyway… The workout are at the RCA Dome. We’re in the exhibition center, which is connected to the Dome. You walk in, and they have a whole another part of the center dedicated to a pre-teen girls’ gymnastics competition. I’m surrounded by hundreds of eight-year-old girls in leotards. But then, just a little ways away, you have the players. There are security guards… There are a lot of people standing around, autograph hounds. They’ll walk up to players, coaches, agents, etc., as they walk out. They try to get an autograph they can sell on eBay.

2. I saw on your mock draft you had USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis at No. 1. Really?

Until I hear confirmation on Glenn Dorsey’s medical records… He was a little nicked up as a senior. He played the entire junior year with a stress fracture. Two dominant years — and he was dominant, make no mistake — he was hurt. He didn’t play in Senior Bowl. He’s not here… Not that that means he’s not No. 1, but until teams get a confirmed medical report — until I do — he’s not No. 1. If Miami keeps the pick, they’ll go with one of the big linemen — Dorsey, Ellis or (Virginia defensive end) Chris Long. (Michigan offensive tackle) Jake Long? I can’t see it.

3. You mentioned Tim Reyer earlier. Will he be drafted?

I think Reyer is fighting an uphill battle. It’s not perceived to be a great punter class in general. I don’t think he’s the elite, the top two or three generally. But again, he didn’t hurt himself here, and that’s a good thing. They’re going to have look at the film. Only two or three players get drafted, anyway, and the rest have a chance at being picked up as free agents.

4. Are people talking about Justin McKinney?

I think McKinney can be drafted. He can help himself if he shows some speed. The word around is that he’s a 4.55 guy that relies on being physical. If he can prove he can run, he can get away with that. He’d be an ideal Tampa 2 corner. But he’s a little grabby… To me, that speaks to a six- or seven-round pick. You’re not going to put him on an island and have him play man-to-man. As long as he doesn’t have a terrible time here, he’ll be fine… But he’s a JUCO player, and you want to make sure that checks out.

5. OK, what’s the word on Jordy?

The perception is he’s a possession receiver. I believe he could be more than that. I think he can make plays. He’s one of those guys who I believe because of his work ethic and generally reliable hands — at worst, he’s a possession receiver. He could be potentially one of the better possession receivers… He’s not going to be Joey Galloway and beat people all day long deep. The stigma against possession receivers is they can’t run a route more than seven yards. He’ll beat able to beat people over the top… He has the opportunity here. I think he will work out better than people think. His strength isn’t pure straight-ahead speed. He’s just a good football player. … I believe he runs Sunday. I know running backs are Sunday.

(BONUS) 6. What are your expectations of Jordy?

My expectation is that he works out well enough to solidify himself as a third- or fourth-round guy. When I talk to teams, they view him as fourth- or fifth-round pick… This is a unique class. There is no established No. 1 receiver. I’ve talked to five different scouts and asked them who the No. 1 receiver was in the draft, and I got five different answers. I’m not sure there are going to be more than two or three taken in the first round, and I don’t think any will be taken in the top 10. You’ll have a glut of receivers selected in the second round, and I don’t think Jordy is in that group… I think the third round this year is almost like the second round in most years. There are so many big-name receivers throughout their career that are more dynamic ahead of him… But the early third round is still pretty good. It’s weird — people are almost starting to over-hype him a little bit. There has been some buzz… Ever since he was at the Senior Bowl. The fact that he was there helped him because he proved that he belonged… He established himself as deserving to be at the Senior Bowl.

(BONUS) 7. What do you think he’ll run?

Probably low 4.5. I think he has a chance to break 4.4, like a high 4.4 — a 4.48 or 4.49. If he runs a 4.6, that will hurt him. I mean, it won’t affect his current standing because he runs as good of routes as he does… I think he’s as fast on the field as he is on the track.

(BONUS) 8. Because of that indelible image of Jordy roasting Aqib Talib, what’s the word on the KU cornerback?

That he’s going to run a 4.55. That’s what everyone is talking about. If he runs well, if he can break 4.4, he could be the No. 1 corner taken in the draft. If he runs a 4.55, he’s a late first-round or early second-round pick. If he runs faster, he can generate more buzz.