K-State vs. Missouri (02/16)

FINAL, KSU, 100-63

Props to William, who blogged nearly as much as I did during the game in the comments. Nice effort, guy. Did you submit an entry for “Forum Friday”? You might be a natural. Deacon gets two free throws for K-State’s 100th point. Mike Anderson burned a timeout with 1:09 left, down by 38, to get a seldom-used reserve in the game. Nice gesture, I guess. Doesn’t matter, but hey, it is what it is. Did I just quote Brian McNamee? Anyway, nice effort by the Wildcats. Impressive showing. Now it’s a pair on the road, and I don’t a split will do. Speaking of which, wow, what a finish in Waco… Aaron Bruce just pulled a Webber. He called a timeout with no timeouts left. I know, I know – this is a K-State blog.

3:27 left, KSU, 94-56

I think Sundvold is good. But then again, I don’t really listen intently to a lot of televised broadcasts. The left-right thing when players foul out is tedious. I would never sit down if I fouled out. I’d run in place, jog, do jump-jacks, pull out my cell phone and make a call. Sundvold is smitten with Beasley. Smitten. He’s not alone.

Levi’s final blast is a classic: “J-Mart needs a chauffeur. I’m out. I’ve got writing duty. It’s been fun.”

Truth is, I had someone willing to give me a ride, but I didn’t know what time I’d be getting out. Wow, Bill as the Navy Defender of the Game… Think that will quiet some of his critics? Doubtful. I think Jake twisted his ankle on the behind-the-back pass to Mike. It’s garbage time. Mike has his career high (40) and it’s time to get him out, no? I do think Safford is going to be decent for MU. Stew knocks down a triple, and K-State is straight rolling. Frank empties the bench, except for Jake. Again, I think Safford is going to be a nice player. Freddie from deep. Just keep him out of the paint. Think the Wildcats want to put 100 on the Tigers? No question. Lu with a jump-hook with the right hand? Unbelievable. Lu is going to work with drop-steps and pivot moves – who knew?

9:27 left, KSU, 71-43

Lyons over Lu – it’s not fair. Fred Brown can’t hit layups. Blake Young always hurts himself. I’m bored. See, this is the advantage of being at CJ-M. I can turn the channel. For instance, I’m switching between here and the Wichita State-Southern Illinois game. Yes, this is K-Stated, not Shockwaves. My dad just called. He LOVES Ron Anderson. Loves him. He thinks Frank’s nucleus for next year – without Mike and possibly minus Bill – isn’t going to bad, and I happen to agree. Not dominant, but decent.

Here’s what Levi has to say: “Well, I’m speaking more towards the comparison of the middle of the Big 12 to that of other BCS conferences. I mean – and pardon the punches I’m about to pull – Missouri is not good. Their system is not only dated but flawed. We saw OSU with some athletes last week, but we also saw their coaching. Nebraska has one player. Tech got hot against KSU on Wednesday, but still had to hold off a late charge. Homecourt obviously plays a big part in it, too. But my point is, I think the middle of the ACC would wipe out the middle of the Big 12 with little problem. That said, I think the top four teams in the Big 12 would go 3-1 if not sweep the top four in the ACC in a series on a neutral court. I’m painting with a broad brush, I know, and it’s tough to judge by numbers because once non-con ends, the leagues’ RPI doesn’t move much at all. I’m just not big on the middle part – and, now, RP isn’t proud of me for stating it publicly. Meanwhile, the lineup of Gilbert, Anderson, Young, Colon and Brown are keeping K-State well in front here. Crowd still going strong.”

Levi needs an editor.

15:57 left, KSU, 58-36

My dad is watching at home in Vermont on some channel called Altitude. Never heard of it. He just asked me if Bob Boozer played at K-State. I said he did, and Pop said, “He was bad…” Which means, of course, he was good. Just sayin’. He also says if David Hoskins were around, this team would be Final Four bound. Discuss… Bill misses a pair of free throws. His field-goal percentage has to be about 80 percent for the last two games. Jake is going to be spectacular next year – that’s my bold prediction. Great timing for DeMarre Carroll to leave Vandy, by the way. Another sketchy foul for Bill. He has been hit with his fourth foul, and he’s cursing. Uh-oh, a turnover and a potential and-one on the other end for MU. Is this the start of the dreaded lull?

Levi: “Sorry, but I don’t think Keon Lawrence picking up his fourth foul is going to hurt the Tigers that much. At least not more than his 1-of-7 shooting has already. Listening to some sports talk radio on my way 5-hour trip (thanks, Topeka bank robber) from Manhattan to KC last night, I heard several callers and hosts talk about how good the middle of the Big 12 is. I really disagree with that.”

Well, I actually disagree with that. I was just talking to my dad about that. There is a serious log-jam happening in the middle. Look at how bad OSU looked last weekend – and then they get Baylor and A&M in back-to-back games? Oh, yeah – Bob called. His message, “Stew’s been great.”


They just mentioned Richard Roby being among the Big 12′s scoring leaders – and he was dreadful today against KU. Look it up – I think he scored two points. Nine turnovers for Missouri. Half-court trap really surprised Jake, who had nowhere to go. Haven’t seen the dreaded K-State lull yet – sorry if that serves as a jinx. Tiller has 3 fouls. Now Jake;s getting going. This is about as bad as it can get for MU. I can’t imagine the Wildcats losing at home this year. Sorry, Texas – I just don’t see it. I think Baylor is reeling, losing at the moment by nine in Waco to the Longhorns. Jake is hot. Went from 0 to six points in about two minutes. Mike dribbled too deep, but hey, you live with that. Foolish foul by Bill, but again, you come to expect one or two of those a game from Mr. Walker. When was the last time K-State has scored 50 in a half? That’s what the Wildcats are sitting on right now. Mike has 21 and 10 at the break. DK is called for traveling on an in-bounds pass. Driveway shooter drills one just before the break, giving something for Frank to chew the Wildcats out about. He looked peeved as he walked off the court.

Levi says, “I was just going to write that Frank hasn’t been screaming as much as usual tonight. Then he promptly rips into — guess who — Jacob Pullen. Assuming he and Frank are together for four years, there won’t be a more mentally-tough kid in the nation. Of course there’s a reason why Frank rides him like he does, and I’ve said since the begging of the season that Jake’s development is more important than any other freshman on KSU’s roster. (That might be an obvious statement, but I don’t think so.) Bill Walker is irate on the bench after picking up the foul on the hip-check. Brad Underwood tells him to calm down — or something along those lines. Mike’s got 21 and 10 at the break. Seriously, he’s good. Matt Lawrence leads Mizzou with 12 — all threes, including the one at the buzzer. And Frank says some things to DK as the team walks off the floor with a 21-point halftime lead.”

3:42 left, KSU, 42-22

Mike’s absurd. Mike Anderson might have to go Miyagi on Mike – sweep the leg. Hey, I’m not promoting such actions, but don’t think it hasn’t crossed the MU coach’s mind. Actually, that’s preposterous, and I know it. I’m getting stir crazy here at CJ-M. Miles has gone into hiding. I think he assumes K-State is going to win. No word from Pop, which is weird. 17 and 10 with 6:41 left in the first half? Man… It’s his 21st double-double. Riveting conversation between Sundvold and what’s-his-name… White Tiger needs to get it going. Wide open 3 – and he misses? I like Frank’s dark purple shirt under the dark suit. Looks slimming on TV. I love Blake’s fearlessness. Here’s my prediction for what Frank says after the game: “The guys had a good week of practice.” They look crisp. K-State nearly up by 20. Just saw Garth cheering on DK, which is nice. He ought to come out his shell a little more, though. Sundvold loves K-State. I’m hearing Sundvold, a former MU basketball star, is in position to be the next athletic director at Missouri, and I’m not certain how sold he is on Mike Anderson as a “solid long-term hire.”

Mr. Wolters: “Cool moment at the under-eight timeout. All the past KSU basketball letterwinners were asked to stand. There were a few out there, none of which I recognized. I was hoping to ‘spot’ Paco May. J-Mart says Mike could go for 50. He’s said that a few times this year, and Mike hasn’t hit it yet, so I’ll say 38. But he’s come to play, for sure. I’m not sure if the Tigers know this or not –they should — but they can’t afford to take too many of these 21-1 runs like the Cats just went on. OK, this is getting out of hand. Think the 1948 and 1958 Final Four team members on hand are impressed?”

If they’re not, it’s a tough crowd.

7:44 left, KSU, 31-18

The more I think about it, I think Bill comes back. Think about it – for the first time in his life, he’ll be THE GUY. Another year will only improve his draft stock, and who knows? Maybe he’s Big 12 Player of the Year next year, keeping the award in Manhattan (Mike’s a lock this year). Honestly, that just dawned on me – but I could be wrong. It’s happened before. Mike back on the floor. Jason Horton is all over Stewart – it’s almost assault. OK, that was in extremely poor taste. Nice restraint by Bill on a rebound to not swing his elbows. Good timeout by Mike Anderson. Sundvold is calling Bill “the total package.” Yeah, he’ll probably go pro. Disregard everything I wrote earlier. But it would make a whole lot of sense, wouldn’t it? Sundvold won’t stop, gushing about how Mike and Bill are already NBA prototypes. No way that was a charge on Butterfield. Bill was bailed out on that call. Does anyone really pick a poison? Wouldn’t you just reject any and all poison? I’m loving Sundvold. He just finished talking about sightlines – and you all know how much I love discussions about sightlines.

Levi: “I love Matt Lawrence’s game. He just jacks up 3s, just like I used to do. Bill really, really likes to shoot I’ve noticed. But at least he’s good at it. He pumps his fist after knocking down the 3 that gives him 14 and puts the Cats up 11.”

He’s a classic driveway shooter, which has me thinking – why doesn’t K-State have one? It seems like everyone else does. KU has one sitting on the bench, who elected to walk on. He would get much minutes at K-State.

Bonus Levi: “Dre didn’t start. And I lied, those weren’t Stew’s first minutes since his mom’s passing. He started. Duh, my bad. Starters were: Jake, Clent, Stew, Bill and Mike. Cats playing some defense right now, and the crowd likes it.”

Don’t beat yourself up, bro. It happens. At least you’re there.

11:28 left, KSU, 22-18

Bill is a beast. Love him, hate him – can’t deny he plays with a certain passion, no? Mike was demanding the ball on the block, but no dice. Mike has 10 and 7 with 13 minutes to go in the half? Yikes. Did Dre Gilbert start? Leo Lyons – can’t stop him. Here comes Big Lu. Right now, the Tigers are playing their style. Stew rips a 3, which is his first field goal since his absence. Marshall Brown looks confused. I’m expecting something from Levi any second now…

“Fred White doing the play-by-play on TV, J-Mart. Was a joy to listen to back in the day when he was alongside Denny Matthews calling Royals games. Jon Sundvold doing color. Gilbert gets a tremendous ovation from the fans at the 13:54 mark as he checks in…or maybe that’s for Clent who checks in at the same time, getting his first minutes at home since his mother’s passing.”

It’s like he’s reading my mind… Weird.

14:50, KSU, 14-11

He’s going to get 50. Unbelievable. I can pick them, can’t I? Last home game I missed, he went for 40. This full-court pressure I don’t understand. That was embarrassing for whoever Bill just dunked on. But Lawrence – man, that was high. Jeez, Frank should seriously look into getting someone from the opposing team/fans/message boards to spout some incendiary stuff to Mike before every game. He’s possessed. Who is this announcing team, anyway? I never realized how much I ramble in these things.

Here’s Levi’s latest: “Tiller answers with a 3 at the other end. If the 3s keep falling, the Tigers won’t get run out of here.” I swear, the announcer just stole this from Levi. That’s exactly what he said.

17:03 left, KSU, 6-3

I’ve read some of the comments already, and yep, I deserve the abuse. I don’t even like myself right now. Just saw the bottom line that says K-State is up 6-0, but you wouldn’t know it here. Some studio clowns are droning on about something…

Since I can’t watch – why isn’t this being aired? – here’s Levi’s latest:

“Yeah, I was wrong about the crowd. Very loud in the first two minutes. And yes, J-Mart was right, it appears Mike is set to go off in his absence with the game’s first four points and four rebounds to go with it.”

That’s great… OK, it’s on…

5:03 p.m.

Levi’s running out of steam already. I knew it couldn’t last. Here’s the pertinent information from his latest dispatch: “The Bram filling up nicely. Crowd energy? Much better than Nebraska. Not even close to KU. Somewhere around Oregon, A&M level…”

Here, in CJ-M, I’m tuned into the final seconds of Tech-OU. Tech by one with 10 seconds left. They’re showing a huddle, and I don’t see Pat Knight doing too much instructing. It’s all of his assistants who are doing the talking. Hmm… That’s not good, but what do I know? David Godbold… Oh. My. God. That was about a 26-footer, double-pumped, probably traveled, but his follow-through was unbelievable. Great awareness by Jeff Capel, who grabbed Taylor Griffin from going onto the court to celebrate. Still nine-tenths of a second left. Refs have added a half-second, so the Red Raiders have 1.4 left, down by one. Zeno’s 3 is short. Huge win for OU.

4:45 p.m.

We’re live from Casa J-Mart, as your humble beat writer wussed out under the oft-repeated and never-delivered threat of inclement weather. And to think, I spent most of my life in Vermont. Anyway, I’m joined in CJ-M by Miles, my beloved cat. He’s rooting for the Wildcats, even though he looks like a Tiger. We’ve got guacamole, chips and, um, beverages. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should stop by. No cover for women…

In my stead, Levi will be providing some live nuggets from The Bram. Here’s his first:

“Gilbert is dressed (in warmups, at least) and shooting around.”

Solid effort thus far. Me? I don’t even know what channel the game is on.

Young Levi has checked in with another comment:

“A lot of Mizzou players just cracking up at the ‘criminal’ insults coming from the student section.”

I mean, what are they going to say? What can you say when it’s true?