Mama Sayz (02/14)

Mrs. Smith had this ready late Tuesday night, but I was in transit to Lubbock for most of Wednesday, so I couldn’t get to it until now. I know, I suck. Anyway, here it is, another installment of “Mama Sayz”:


Two more days. For what, you might ask? My sister Mona and my god-sister Keisha from New Jersey will be here on Saturday for the Mizzou game. It’s always fun to see them and I’m so excited. So if anyone is at the game, make sure you stop by and say hello to them — they’ll get a kick out of people knowing them by their first names.

I received some home-baked goods over the weekend, which where sooooooo good from a new friend Jennifer (by the way, my co-worker Lucy says that she knows you and sends her hellos!) who I met at the game. The home-baked snacks came in handy since I was too sick to cook, let alone bake, anything for my roommates. The kids loved everything that was in the package. I wasn’t certain how Lil’Mike was going to like everything until I saw him leaving out the door and trying to stuff as many of the nicely decorated purple cookies into his pocket — without a wrapper at all. I had to tell him to put the cookies back in the “to go” containers and just take the whole thing. He just laughed and happily marched out of the door with them tucked under his arm, as secure as he holds the ball on the court! I was surprised that he even offered Jamar any… I’d say they were a hit!

Speaking of Jamar — you just never know who you may run into while taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the Manhattan Mall. Calvin, Tiffany and I were at one of the jamar3.jpgkiosks in the mall doing some browsing when Tiffany yells out, “Hey Jamar, what are you doing here?” So naturally, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. You see, he looked as if he was sneaking into Claires before he could be seen by anyone but his smallest fan (and/or thorn in his side) called him out. After getting the third degree by me and Lil’ Miss Tiff, we allowed him to carry on with his “official manly business” in one of Mychaela’s and Tiffany’s favorite accessory stores… Hmmm, I wonder what he could have been doing? LOL!

Jamar’s ear

Well, I really am getting a little claustrophobic because of the family illnesses but I’m so happy to say that I think that we are coming through it and life will resume some sort of normalcy as early as (today. Well, I wanted to get to the questions so that I can get this over to J-Mart…

FROM: Tim A.
WHEN: Feb. 9, 2008

I hope you get to feeling better. I made it to the Neb game. Hope Mike’s toe gets better. I can’t imagine having (Aleks) Maric landing on it all the time.

Hey Tim,
How have you been? Lil’Mike assures me that all ten of his little piggies are intact and ready for Coach Pat and the Red Rangers. (
J-MART NOTE: My bad.)

FROM: kevinict
WHEN: Feb. 9, 2008

Ms. Smith,
Dont let the “haters” get you down. I really appreciate that you are willing to “put yourself out there” so we can get a glimpse into the life and family of a player that amazes the entire country on the basketball court. The trouble with the Internet is people will post comments they would dare say to a person’s face or even attach their real name to. Sounds to me you have handled your responsibilities well and have a neat family, not unlike thousands of other families in which the son isn’t a household name.

Here is a question I haven’t seen anything written about… Did you or Mike’s father have any athletic accomplishments? I’d love to know if either of you participated in sports and at what level.

Let me tell you something funny. When I was a junior in high school my father actually made me try out for the basketball team against my will. I hated the idea of wearing tennis shoes because my feet were so big to be a girl and any tennis shoe that I would put on was just too masculine. After what seemed like an eternity I did make the final cut of the team and I was FURIOUS! I went home and told my dad that I was cut in the last round and he was just simply satisfied that I put forward the effort and that was that. Even though I feel bad about never telling him the truth, I’m O.K. with that decision. That was not my cup of tea…

On another note, Lil’ Mike’s dad, Michael Beasley, Sr., was extremely good in basketball. He played for his high school team back in Maryland and was actually known on the junior college circuit in the Midwest. He graduated from Booneville Military School in Boonville, Mo., and went to junior college in Oklahoma and Texas. Lil’ Mike’s aunt, Sidney Beasley, also played basketball. She graduated from George Mason, were she received a basketball scholarship and she also played for the women’s FIBA Basketball Team and played on some level overseas as well.

FROM: rog
WHEN: Feb. 9, 2008
Ms. Smith, glad you’re enjoying your time in Manhappiness. I’m also hoping the fam is too. I know it’s a different world from D.C. but hopefully you’ve found enjoyment in this “place” that isn’t always rushing to get to some place (if that makes any sense). What a talented son you have! He makes it look so effortless. Please thank him and the rest of Coach Bob & Frank’s recruits for helping restore the rich tradition of KSU basketball. It nice to see people come watch the games and help support the rest of us who have been supporting the teams of the past 15+ years. The K-State family is glad Michael is a Wildcat (even if it is for a short time).

Hey Rog,
I know exactly what you are trying to say. That’s the sort of metaphor that my sister and I make and no one seems to get it but us… Wow! Michael makes a lot of things seem so effortless — like when he just drops his laundry at the door without it being sorted… Yep, no effort on his part at all! LOL!

FROM: WuTangForever
WHEN: Feb. 10, 2008

Ma, your son is great. You are blessed to have such a young man of great character. We are fortunate to get to watch he and the rest of the guys this year. On another topic. I know you are a ‘Skinz fan, so 2 questions: What do you think of Jim Zorn, Daniel Snyder’s new two-year experiment of a hire? And who is your favorite player for the Redskins not named Rock Cartwright?

The guys have developed into a team to be reckoned with, huh? I find myself going through withdrawals in between games… Really, I do! I sleep with SportsCenter on, record my favorite shows like Prison Break, Nip/Tuck and American Idol so that I can watch College GameNight live because I need to know what’s going on with basketball NOW! You should see me watching a game — on my laptop checking out ESPN for updates and waiting for more updates on my Treo… It’s bad. But I LOVE IT!

As for my Skins, I sort of like the idea of Zorn. I’m all about giving opportunities to let people prove themselves. If it doesn’t work out, then how bad can it really be? Just put him back in the position he was originally hired for and move on. My favorite current Skins are (Clinton) Portis and (Fred) Smoot! I like their personalities… They crack me up! (Sean) Taylor was also one of my guys and I’m so sorry that he is no longer with us…

WHEN: Feb. 11, 2008

Ms. Smith,
We love you and your family. You have allowed us to see you and your family from a very unique perspective. Please disregard all the stupid Internet comments. I can promise you they are not posted by anyone who supports K-State. Your candor is refreshing. To have raised a son like Michael with his heart is just the best. I loved his comment he made about Miss Tiffany during the FSMW show last weekend. “Miss Tiffany is my world.” You should be very proud of him and all your children.

Mike and Tiff on floor

If there’s one thing that people will learn about me, it’s that I have very thick skin. So the negative things that are written by others are not taken to heart. Lil’ Mike’s relationship with his siblings is something that cannot be bought or faked. Every time I see them together, no matter how long or short the visit, it reassures me that I have made the right decision to be here in Manhattan!

Well, this is it for now, so I will see you at the game on Saturday!