Mama Sayz (02/09)

She’s been sick. Down out and with the flu. She wasn’t answering her phone. She had us worried. But she’s back now, and life wouldn’t be the same without “Mama Sayz,” now would it? Thanks for re-joining us, Mrs. Smith.

Wow!  What a week of events…

First, let me tell you all this — if you haven’t gotten a flu vaccine yet, please run to your doctor’s office at the very first opportunity. I have been bitten by the flu bug and I’m here to tell you that even though I survived it (barely,) that bug has some of the biggest and sharpest teeth out there!  It snuck up on me with no warning and then BAM! I was down for the count. I was finally able to see the other side of my bedroom door after four days of excruciating body pain. Before I could fully recuperate, Dymond was taken hostage, too! So, do as I say – get the shot!

You know, after the “streak was over,” I thought about writing this giant-sized blog about how we slayed the giants but after giving it some thought, I decided against it for various reasons. It was a very overwhelming experience that I was ecstatic to witness, and I was beyond thrilled  that my son, family and close friends were able to participate in such an event. However, we still have to remember to look at the bigger picture. The guys of the team put it best… This is a 16-round fight to the end and KU was only Round 5. That game just goes to show you that when you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I will say this, the boys played with the most confidence that I have seen all year and it was a joy to watch. I don’t have to re-live that moment which seemed as though a volcano erupted and purple lava poured onto the court because it was televised over and over. I will say, even though KU is supposed to be the enemy we have to remember that these are still young men with feelings, too. While taking nothing from what turned out to be an enormous win for us, KU lost at our expense and this battle began before any of the boys from either team where even born. Enough said…

In case anyone was wondering, yes, I did make it to Round 6 of the “Big Fight” at Mizzou. What happened? Your guess is as good as mine. One of the positive things that came out of that road trip for me was seeing Lil’ Mike’s great-uncle Rodney and his wife. It really feels good when you can catch up with family and just reminisce about the good ol’ days. After the game we headed back home and about 12 miles up the highway, I realized that I left my purse back at the arena.  So, driving  all the way back I was trying to contact someone from MU security and there was no way of getting connected. I was still on hold with one of the operators when we pulled up in front of the Mizzou Center. Luckily there was still a cleaning crew there to let me in, and I sprinted towards the very front row of the gym and there it was… My big, beautiful purple Wildcat purse with everything still intact!

In at least one way, what a beautiful day after all. Before getting back on the road, we decided to stop and get some grub. As we walked into the restaurant there were so many people who tried not to stare but they couldn’t help it. Some were dressed in Mizzou apparel (yuck!). I couldn’t figure out why until remembering that me and the family were practically walking billboards for the Wildcats dressed in our KSU apparel, which by the way looked fabulous! At first, I thought about how the folks in Norman felt when we walked through earlier this season. Were they embarrassed because of their loss? Did they want to bury their faces at the site of anything resembling the team that just handed them a loss? Could they have recognized “Mama Sayz” herself? Nope, wasn’t that. Surprised? Me too! (Just kidding! LOL!) After our conversation with the waiter, word got out who we were and even more stares started. You see, it was a very big deal to win a game of basketball against the Kansas State Wildcats! Our loss meant more than a share of first place in the conference standings. It means that we have a team that others almost fear to see on the court! Wow! It was such a weird feeling, good but weird all the same.  Walking towards the exit of the restaurant, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “It’s great to be a Wildcat!”

Well, folks, on Monday I got a call from day-care stating that Tiffany needed to be picked up because of a high fever and that was the start of my week-long battle with the flu. Even though I managed to kick the bug in the end, it makes me wonder — did I really win? I mean, I missed a home game which I could hardly remember seeing through all of the pain that I was in. Don’t worry, I did manage to keep Lil’ Mike out of the the house for the most part and when he did come by, he didn’t come to my room or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I also missed four days of work, which means that I just had a four-day all expense paid vacation to my master bedroom suite. I missed yet another deadline of “Mama Sayz.” (J-MART NOTE: You were sick. We’ll let it slide.) My only sister’s birthday was Feb. 6, and all I could manage to do was send her a corny text message letting her know that she was almost over the hill. So again, I wonder — did I really win the fight against the flu bug?!?

Even though it seems longer, last week there was a feature article about me in The Kansas City Star written by Bill Reiter. I thought it was pretty good but that is just my opinion. The thing about letting someone into your world is not knowing how others will look upon the decisions that you have made throughout your life to make you the person that you are today. Good or bad, I would not change one thing that I have encountered to make me look “prettier” or “politically correct” in the eyes of the world. I have heard/read comments from others who have read the story, and they range from very negative to extremely positive. What I will say is that some things can be misinterpreted — either intentionally or unintentionally by both the reader and the writer — and until you have walked a mile or two in my shoes… It never ceases to amaze me how hurtful people can be towards others, especially when there is such a large podium. But I guess it’s like the saying goes — everyone is entitled to an opinion. My opinion is that it’s much easier to write your opinion about something or someone you don’t know much about than it is to actually get out and hit the pavement and gather some cold hard facts, right?

Well, since this is the first time that I have been on the computer all week I have to cut this short because I don’t want to use what little energy I have to debate over who’s right or wrong. So let’s see if there’s anything interesting in the comments:

What the… Everything over there has changed up again…J-MART!!! (J-MART NOTE: My bad.)

FROM: Bilol
WHEN: Feb. 1, 2008

Ms. Beaz,
Why did you make me pay my co-payment the other day at the doc’s office? Now I am broke.

Rules are rules… You may be broke but at least you can say that you had good quality health care with a smile!

FROM: Pissclams
WHEN: Feb. 1, 2008

J-Mart, do you know why the pics are so small?

Mr. Pissclams (J-MART NOTE: That’s hysterical),
The small pictures were my fault. Well, not really. J-Mart asked me to make them smaller so I did. But he didn’t say how small. So can somebody let me know how big or small they should be… I’ll leave them alone and let his photography people do the sizing from now on. Oh, this week, there are no photos because I am just still too weak to do much of anything.

FROM: Steve
WHEN: Feb. 1, 2008

As a K-State fan, I am extremely proud that Mike represents KSU, and to me he embodies the spirit of K-State to a tee. Aside from all of his on-the-court heroics and accomplishments, it’s obvious there is so much more to Mike than this. He is a good human being with a big heart and a good teammate. He knows what is important in life and that is a tribute to you and a compliment to the University no matter how long he chooses to stay. You can see it in his eyes, his actions, and his words. This is what makes K-State special — people like Mike. Somehow, K-State is drawn to them, or they are drawn to K-State. We may be seem to be out in the middle of nowhere to a lot of people, but this is a very special place, and we are glad your family is, and always will be a part of it all. I hope to see Mike’s jersey take its place in the rafters of Bramlage when he is finished here, and will always count it a privilege to have watched him play in person. I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate you sharing your experience with all K-State fans.

What pleases me the most in this whole Manhattan experience is that the people here geinuinely enjoy Lil’ Mike and the rest of the guys. I’m just happy that my children don’t search the Internet, blogs and message boards as I do because there are some very hurtful things and people who mean no good at all. Thanks so much for your support and everyone else’s through what is truly turning out to be one of the best times in our lives.

I’m not sure if I’ll be strong enough to make it to the Oklahoma State game today. If not, I’ll be cheering the Cats on from the home.

I’m going to end this now but not before saying that my prayers go out to the Stewart family. I know that God will give you the strength to carry on. Rest in peace, Vanessa Stewart. You will be remembered by many!